While I was preparing a show on the Beatles’ numerology for my radio show last week, I made a major discovery. It literally made me gasp.
Today, I’m going to share the secret with you.
Once again, the old saying ‘It’s All In A Name’ rings true. But this time there’s a special twist, befitting the Beatles immense importance. I personally think they belong right up there with Mozart, Bach and Beethoven.
I started by creating a Personal Blueprint for John Lennon. Looked at his date of death as well. Then came Paul McCartney. They had a couple of numbers in common.
Makes a lot of sense, I thought. Since they collaborated and came up with gems we’ll be listening to forever. Even before they formed the Beatles, McCartney and Lennon began writing songs together.
Then I created George Harrison’s blueprint. And I noticed the same connection to Paul and John.
I almost didn’t want to know whether Ringo Starr fit into the same equation. To my amazement, he did. Here is what I found.
All four lads – John, Paul, George and Ringo – have the SAME Soul Number.
The Soul Number symbolizes what you bring with you. This part of you may not be easily recognized by others – unless they know you very well. The Soul Number is your inner secret. This vibration becomes an underlying force which influences the actions of your present life.
When I create your Personal Numerology Blueprint – Personal Numerology Blueprint your Soul Number is included in the report.
People who share the same soul number usually have an instant, inexplicable bond.
So which number bonded The Beatles together.
Number 5 – the freedom vibration, the number of communication, wit, and enthusiasm. 5 represents people, the five senses and attraction to the opposite sex. It symbolizes travel, adventure and limitless opportunity.
The Beatles’ Soul Number connection fits in perfectly with how they affected the world in the 1960s and still to this day.
At the time of the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, the U.S. needed some cheering up. The assassination of the young President Kennedy had happened two month’s earlier.
In fact, it’s a little known fact but on November 22, 1963 CBS Morning News aired a 5 minute story shot in England about the phenomenon of Beatlemania. It was supposed to be shown again that evening on the CBS Evening News.
However, that was pre-empted when JFK was shot in Dallas that same day.
When the story did finally air nearly 3 weeks later, radio stations started playing a Beatles single. The response was so amazing that it helped the Beatles secure a stint on the Ed Sullivan Show.
The national mood at the time was grim, and there were rumors of war.
Certainly this moment in time was taylor-made for the four lads from Liverpool. With their buoyant spirits, their charm, their irresistable wit – all representative of their 5 Soul Number connection.
Not to mention the Beatles’ overflowing gifts for melody, harmony and instrumental excitement, their spiffy suits and nifty haircuts, and their ready smiles – it must have felt at the time as if four otherworldly beings descended from a another, happy planet to cast their spell.
And then there was their name, The Beatles.
Lennon chose the initial name when he was performing with his amateur group ‘The Quarrymen’. Then he met McCartney, whom he later invited to join his group.
‘The Quarrymen’ adds up to the Media Number, 14/5 and surely signified what was to come. Notice the 5 again.
By the year's end McCartney had convinced Lennon to let George Harrison join their group, and the name was changed to ‘Johnny and the Moondogs’ in 1958.
In 1960 an art-school friend of Lennon's, Stu Sutcliffe, became their bassist. Sutcliffe couldn't play a note but had recently sold one of his paintings for a big chunk of money, which the group, now named ‘The Silver Beetles,’ used to upgrade its equipment.
Both ‘Johnny and the Moondogs’ as well as ‘The Silver Beetles’ add up to 16/7. Not a number I would recommend for success. Especially with a bassist who can’t play.
Luckily, only a few months later, they came up with their final incarnation as – The Beatles. And welcomed Ringo Starr.
Here’s what’s so amazing.
‘The Beatles’ resonates to 10, the number of Instant Manifestation. Instantly manifest they did. But they couldn’t have done it with such speed, such power and such impact without their name.
There’s more to this story, including how the Beatles’ Soul Number connection ties into their name.
For that and an in depth rundown of Ringo, Paul, John and George’s Numerology Blueprints, listen to this special edition of my radio show By The Numbers.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Your name makes a huge impression. Not just on others, but on your LIFE. Make sure it’s a good one.

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