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Last night on CBS' 60 Minutes a
very well-known bestselling author called another bestselling author a liar.


Jon Krakauer, famous for ‘Into
Thin Air', made the accusations against Greg Mortenson, author of ‘Three Cups
of Tea', which graced the NY Times Bestseller List for four years after it was
published in 2006.


The book recounts Mortenson's quest
to climb K2 in the Himalayas, getting lost and being captured by 13
fierce-looking tribesmen, which he claims were the Taliban, and subsequently
being rescued by Pakistani villagers. He vowed to return to the village of
Korphe and build a school for local girls.


Krakauer, a former mountain
climber, was one of Mortenson's early backers, making a large donation to his
charitable organization to support the building of schools for girls.


Of course, the fact that girls are
considered subservient to boys is known in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but unspoken
in most other parts of the world. So Mortenson's cause is a very important one,
no doubt.


Let's look at the book. Its title
gives us a clue as to why this controversy has appeared for its author.


‘Three Cups of Tea' adds up to
12/3 in ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.


Notice that even the number ‘three'
is in the title.


A 12/3 name is not recommended for
books, businesses or personal names. 12 symbolizes being victimized – or
victimizing others. Greg Mortenson happens to have 12s in his Personal
Numerology Blueprint. So a 12 book title activates the meaning of the number in
his life even more.


Mortenson is born in the 12th
month of December.


He has an 12 Essence Number –
derived from adding the digits in his month and day of birth.


He was born in 1957, the 57th
year of the century, which reduces to 12/3.


The title of his second book
creates another strong dynamic. ‘Stones Into Schools' adds up to 21, the exact
mirror reversal of 12.


In Ancient Egyptian Numerology the
number 21 stands for Truth.


Since Mortenson has been
activating these frequencies, there is something important here for him to
discover and learn.


pakistani school.png

Yes, he is helping victims – girls
who are prevented from receiving an education, a wonderful cause that is
directly tied to the 12 ‘victim' symbolism.


At the same time, Mortenson must
be vigilant not to abuse his power.


He himself carries a 10/1 current
name. This number gives him tremendous opportunities to manifest. At the same
time, there is no middle ground between honor and dishonor with a 10 name
number. Using honesty, discipline and compassion are the keys to making this
extraordinary name work for him and the people he is meant to serve.


If Mortenson does not use wisdom,
truth and love to make all his decisions, he in particular will feel the effect
of his actions.


The only way to resolve conflict
in your life is to Always tell the whole truth to anyone. Never withhold facts.
Always remember, you are One with All, so if you lie, you create a lie against


All of us are walking through the
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One with All.


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