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Woods announced yesterday that he's returning to golf on April 8 for the 2010
Masters Tournament,


Of course
the media is happy about the potential windfall this should generate. And they
are correct. 8 represents infinity and prosperity, strength and overcoming
obstacles. So 8 is a great day for TV ratings and his sponsors.


But for
Tiger it will not be easy.


because he is in a 13/4 Personal Month in April. 13 is the number of
transformation, death and rebirth. Coupled with the 8th, the day of
his return, Tiger Woods will have his hands full.


Numbers 4
and 8 have a magnetic and fateful attraction to each other. To have both 4 and
8 activated for Tiger on one of the biggest days of his life indicates this day
will be challenging.


current name plays into this as well.


You see,
‘Tiger Woods' adds up to 15/6. This is a highly fortunate number so his name
has definitely helped him generate tremendous success, magnetism and abundance.


15/6 is one of those vibrations that can attract difficult situations when it
is combined with either numbers 4 or 8.


This is
the case for Tiger Woods on the date of his return.


Isn't it
interesting that the complete date of 4.8.2010 also adds up to 15?


Tiger's return
is not only on an 8 Universal Day and 15 Universal Date, but it also triggers a
Personal 13/4 Month for him.


overall meaning is this. Woods will feel like his name is going through a transformation.
He will feel negative response generated by his return. It won't be easy. Many
internal conflicts will be activated for him, especially since the world's
media will analyze his every move.


On another note, yesterday I
received several emails about the early morning earthquake in LA.


One reader writes –


 ‘Good morning. Will you please give some insight into the
numerological connection on the 4.4 earthquake at 4:04 a.m.? I live in
California and want to know what this all means.'


Look at the numbers. 4.4
quake at 4:04 AM – this is a numerological clue that bigger quakes are coming.


Both 4.4 and 4:04 AM add up
to 8, the number of infinite strength and power. Also, 4s and 8s in combination
with other 4s or 8s activate what the ancient Chaldeans considered a fateful
and magnetic attraction. 


There's another important number
in this recipe.


Here's how I know the pending
earth changes along the West coast of North America will have been partly
activated by Chile's 8.8 mega quake.


Chile 8.8 = 16/7

Today's 4.4 and 4.04 = 16/7


Add the four 4s from yesterday's
LA quake – 4.4 plus 4:04 AM – and you arrive at the same total as Chile's 8.8
tremblor – both add up to 16/7. The full meaning by the ancient Chaldeans of
16/7 is ‘The Shattered Citadel – a Tower struck by lightning, from which a
person or entity is falling with a crown on his head.'


Finally, when you see a
combination of 4s and/or 8s with the number 16/7 it forecasts the possibility
of a sudden, fateful event.


The final clue to this
potential forecast is that yesterday was ALSO the 16th of March.


Here is what we can do to
help calm things down.


Place the whole Western coast
of North America in violet. Violet is the color of ultimate protection.


If you live in the region, be
sure you have an earthquake kit ready.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Stay tuned, the DVD
package for my ‘Secrets and Mysteries' forecasting seminar will be available any
day now.

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