american_bald_eagle_in_flight2-22Do you have what it takes to be independent? To be truly free?

I am asking myself this question a lot these days. And with ‘Independence Day’ tomorrow here in the U.S., we are reminded of the actual meaning of Freedom.

Having a free-domain over your life is the key to happiness.

It gives you power, flexibility, abandonment, latitude, opportunity and immunity from fear.

Without freedom you feel burdened, weak, victimized, captive, incompetent, confined and impotent.

Sexuality and freedom are connected.

So are love and freedom.

Unfortunately, we have a habit of putting up and attracting obstacles that squelch our freedom.

True courage arises when we walk the middle ground of choiceless awareness. This is a state where nothing matters except being true to yourself in any given moment.

I have learned just recently to not to try to hold on to ecstasy.

Being in a blissful moment of ecstatic joy is not meant to be permanent. It comes and goes like any other moment. I am practicing being grateful when these moments come, and grateful when they are gone in appreciation that they exist!

I’m appreciating that these moments will come again and again.

So will miserable moments. Everything passes. Getting upset about it either way takes you out of sync, out of ease.

You are free when you take each moment as it comes, both moments of happiness and moments of pain. Opposites allow us to appreciate life on a much deeper level.

All feelings will come and go. Success comes and goes.

But YOU, will always be in the center, being the observer. Not trying to cling to joyous moments, or repel sad moments. Don’t trying to IDENTIFY with them.

Everything will pass away.

And this knowledge is the one piece of wisdom that will allow you to live your life with unbridled, unsurpassed FREEDOM.

Every mood you experience is just a story you are weaving. You, the storyteller, remain in the center of the hurricane. Calm, awake, grateful – enlightened.

Do you know what you’ll realize in this calm, balanced state?

That being fully conscious means embracing inconsistencies. That being free means you can change your mind without feeling judged.

That contradictions are part of nature – and life.

This state of non-judgment will liberate you like nothing else can.

There are four specific remedies designed to set your soul free.

Many people are not fortunate enough to get their hands on this type of information in their lifetime, and even less the opportunity to act on this information and change their life for good.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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