I’ll let you in on a secret. Tom Cruise’s name hides some deep secrets of his personality and goals. And can explain his ties to Scientology as well.
With his ‘Unauthorized Biography’ causing a stir, I thought I’d reveal a few of the qualities hidden in Tom’s name.
Cruise is an ‘all or nothing’ type A personality who thinks he can cure most people’s problems. Tom’s name shows he has ice in his veins. This comes across in his movie roles as well. He definitely has a penchant for recruiting new followers into the Church of Scientology.
In a sense, Scientology is like a serum for Tom Cruise. A cure-all serum he uses to cut to the core of any issue or feeling. Cruise will use this serum to manifest his goals, and to battle all controversies – people or organizations. And that means, he’s not afraid to sue, and will cry foul against anyone who he feels is misrepresenting his image or the image of his church. In other words, as a recruiter and ambassador, Cruise has no fear. In his mind there’s no such thing as Mission Impossible.
Are these same qualities reflected in his numbers? Yes.
Tom has a 28/1 Life Purpose Number which propels him to leadership and an urge to help people. It’s a big reason Scientology is such an active part of his life. It gives Tom a vehicle to express his deepest desire to heal and inspire others.
Of course, this advice and counseling is not always necessary and can backfire, as it did when Cruise publicly denounced Brooke Shields and called psychiatry a ‘pseudo science.’ He proceeded to tell Matt Lauer of the Today Show “You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do.”
The bizarre video making its way around the internet right now shows Cruise acting like his church is the only way to freedom and happiness.
In the video he proclaims, “We are the authorities on getting people off drugs, we are the authorities on the mind, the authority on improving conditions. We are the way to happiness, we bring peace and unite cultures.”
Hmm. Interesting. But let’s get back to his numbers. It’s pretty apparent he likes to be Number 1 and has been in the top echelon of Hollywood’s elite players for 20 years. Now that’s a huge accomplishment in itself.
Tom’s Destiny Number 4 explains how he’s done it. Hard work. Diligence. Unwavering dedication. Management.
And his 3 day of birth explains the final, crucial ingredient – his famous grin. 3 is the number of happiness and self expression.
Going back to his desire to save others – Tom could lighten his load by doing something very simple. Changing the spelling of his name. Or rather, eliminating his last name altogether, like Madonna did. If he used just ‘Tom’, the resulting number would help immensely in relaxing him. To the point where he would stop taking everyone else’s business so personally. If anyone could pull off a first-name-only identity, it’s Tom.
In case you’re wondering whether Katie and Tom will stay together, the answer is yes. Tom and Katie have lots of deep numerological connections. Far more than he had with Nicole. This will help to keep them married for a long time.
You’ll be delighted and amazed at what YOUR name and birthday reveal about your Destiny.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. There’s a lot more to reveal about Tom Cruise and his connection to Scientology. Tune in on February 6 during the Pythagorean Inner Circle Teleseminar for more.

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