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Tony Curtis passed away yesterday.
He was 85 years old.


The actor was best known for his
role in Billy Wilder's ‘Some Like It Hot', a comedy he co-starred in with
Marilyn Monroe.


Curtis was born with perfect performer's


His birthday on 6.3.1925 occurred
on a 3 Day. 3 is the number of self expression, so common amongst performers
and media personalities. His Destiny was a 72/9. So Curtis had two of three
important birth numbers in the emotional and creative 3-6-9 trilogy.


His final important birth number, the
Life Purpose, is a 25/7. This is a number signifying the loner – a man who
loved pondering life's mysteries.


It is also a great number for the
leading man.


Fittingly his second career was as
a painter, a loner's profession he concentrated on in the last part of his life.


Curtis said that Van Gogh, Matisse
and Picasso where his greatest inspirations. He stated, ‘I still make movies
but I'm not that interested in them any more. But I paint all the time.' In
2007, his painting ‘The Red Table'
was on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


Fortunately Curtis did not use his
real name.


He was born ‘Bernard Schwartz',
which adds up to the highly challenging 52/7. Had he used this name, he would have
had far too many obstacles in his life.


‘Tony Curtis' on the other hand,
resonates to 10/1 – the ‘Instant Manifestation' Number.


As powerful as a 10/1 name number
is, I do not recommend it for everyone. This is because everything you envision
and think about WILL manifest quickly – and that means good or bad.


Curtis certainly had his down
times too. He rose to fame, yet later battled against drug and alcohol abuse, only
to return later as a respected TV actor.


The actors' cycles at the time of
his death symbolize completion.


Amazingly he passed away in a 9
Personal Year and 9 Personal Month for him. It was also September, the 9th
month of the year. Since Curtis' Destiny Number is a 9, the message here is that
he fulfilled his dreams and goals.


In a current cycle, 9 stands for
completion and endings as well as celebration.


Tony Curtis left this lifetime
fulfilled and happy.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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