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This morning there is news of a
tragedy in Libya – an airliner carrying 104 people on board crashed on landing
at Tripoli Airport. It originated in Johannesburg, Africa.


The crash occurred on May 12 and
had 93 passengers. 93 reduces to 12. In a current event the 12 signifies being
a victim and/or victimizer.


The total number of people aboard
the plane was 104, which reduces to 5. May is the 5th month of the
year. This number is adventurous and a pivot point as it lies in the middle
between 1 and 9. Visually the number 5 faces left and right and indicates
change and unexpected events. 5 also signifies travel.


Adding all the numbers in flight
8U771 brings the total to 23 – also a 5. The letter ‘U' brings an additional total
– 29/11, a very significant frequency because it indicates walking through a


Keep in mind, 11 symbolizes can
often indicate division.


If you look at flight path you can see that the line cuts through the continent of Africa and divides it
into two halves. This is very symbolic.


Remember, May is an 8 Universal
Month. Number 8 is about power.


So the 11 and 8 symbolism shows
an underlying and divisive power struggle for Africa by those in control of
this continent.


Miraculously, one Dutch boy
survived. He is 8 years old – the strength number of overcoming obstacles. 61
Dutch passengers died. 61/7 ties in to the number of sudden, lightning-strike events.


The numbers for this tragedy
indicate more dramatic events later this year.


I noted that every ‘Afriquiyah
Airlines' jet has the numbers 9.9.99 imprinted on the plane. This is the date
the African Union was formed.


9 is the number of culmination,
transitions and ending. The actual date – 9.9.1999 – adds up to 46/10/1 – the
number of new beginnings.


Numbers 1 and 9. A powerful
numerological message showing we are at a crossroads.


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On another note, as I said last
week, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, is in a very
important year when it comes to his career. This is because Cameron's Destiny
Number signifying his career, is it up in lights in 2010.


Amazingly the same set of numbers
were activated for Gordon Brown in 2007, when he became Prime Minister of
Britain. Brown, as I wrote, is in a sabbatical year in 2010.


The new leader, Prime Minister
Cameron, will have his work cut out for him. His name ‘David Cameron' adds up
to 16/7. This indicates a ‘fall from a high place for a person with a crown on
his head.'


If you do just one thing, be sure
the name you use right now is attracting fortunate people and events into your
life – not creating challenges for you.


Is My Name Fortunate?' blueprint
allows you to move forward with confidence
and peace of mind.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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