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With the Olympics opening on
Friday, Vancouver is scrambling – for snow.


Meantime, too much snow has shut
down North Carolina through New England. No flights are operating out of Dulles
or National in Washington D.C. and most flights are canceled through Thursday
morning in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.


What a mess.


Too bad the Winter Olympics aren't
being held in D.C. They've got plenty of the real stuff.


Meanwhile Canadian taxpayers are
upset. They're footing the bill for a major import – snow.


Consider that Montreal, host of
the 1976 Summer Olympics, only got around to paying off its debt in 2006.
That's 30 years later.


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Like I said in my February Forecast video –  there'll be
lots of unexpected twists and turns all month long. And the Winter Olympics
will be no exception.


We're in a 5 Universal Month.
Coupled with the 3 Universal Year of 2010 – February will feel like quite the


In fact, let's look more closely
at the word ‘adventure'.


Lexigrams reveal hidden meanings contained
in a name, phrase, or word. Here's how it works.


First you make anagrams by taking
the letters in ‘adventure' and creating new words. Then you create phrases with
those words. These phrases are called Lexigrams.


Here are some hidden clues
revealed in some lexigrams for the word ADVENTURE:


Venue and Averted Dart

Adventure – Endure, Dare and Earn

Under Deer

and Run

Tad Rude


As you can see, the message in a
word is so much deeper than we realize. Words have sounds, frequencies and
letters revealing incredible insights.


The same goes for your name.


I will reveal more about this
fascinating topic and how it affects YOU very shortly.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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