What an amazing story. A teenage girl who can barely swim survives a plane crash in which 152 people died. She was the only survivor.

Amazingly she only broke her collar bone!

Bahia Bakari was spotted in rough seas off the coast of Africa aside bodies and plane debris in total darkness two hours after the crash.

What I noticed immediately is that the girl's current name ‘Bahia Bakari' resonates to a highly fortunate number – 10/1.

Additionally, her double B gives her added divine protection.

Her father, Kassim Bakari, who lost his wife in the crash, considers himself extremely lucky saying he was ‘overjoyed and overwhelmed' that his daughter had survived.

Kassim Bakari also has a very fortunate name. It just so happens to resonate to 14/5 – the Media Number. Fittingly video and photos of him holding his daughter's hand have been broadcast all over the world. His lucky daughter also happens to be 14 years old.

Again numbers reveal a fascinating layer to an inspiring story. Numbers speak to us in a language of symbols. Those symbols illuminate your life every day.

In Bahia case, her name number helped to survive a horrible tragedy. Though she suffered a terrible loss by loosing her mom in the crash, Bahia was given the gift of life.

And her father, Kassim experienced a tremendous miracle.

Both of them will have to accept the media spotlight into their lives. There is a tremendous opportunity to bring joy and inspiration to others by virtue of their extraordinary experience.

Already, this story has lit up the hearts of millions. May their extraordinary journey continue to do so as they share their story of triumph in years to come.

You TOO want to protect and support your life. So be sure your current name is fortunate.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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