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On Tuesday evening a United
Airways flight from Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C. was headed for Los
Angeles. It hit severe turbulence while flying over Kansas.


One woman was jolted out of her
seat so forcefully that she left a crack when she hit the side of a cabin.


Flight 967 was diverted to Denver
where it landed safely. 26 passengers and 4 crew members were injured. One
person was critically hurt.


The blend of numbers for this
event gives many clues as to its violent nature.


Flight 967 adds up to 22/4.


26 injured passengers reduces to


4 crew members were injured.


On board were 255 passengers and
10 crew members for a total of 265 – which adds up to 13/4.


All these numbers reduce to either
4 or 8. As you know, numbers 4 and 8 have a magnetic and fateful relationship
with each other. This can often create challenges.


The plane was flying at an
altitude of 34,000 feet when the heavy turbulence hit.


34 reduces to the number 7. When 7
is blended with the fateful 4 and 8 recipe in a current event, it creates a
challenging mixture. Number 7 can bring sudden ‘lightning' strike events – such
as turbulence.


The total of 265/13 people on
board is also significant. 13/4 in a current event or name brings upheaval – in
this case literally.


Finally, the event happened on
7.20.2010, a date which adds up to 12/3 – the Victim Number. This number is
reflected again in the amount of passengers on board – 255/12. It is also
reiterated again in the number of injured – 30/3.


So, the overall picture of being
victimized by a sudden, unforeseen and challenging event is reflected in the
total combination of numbers.


When you book your next flight or
hotel, pay attention to your row and room numbers. Their frequency will tell
you how to prepare, and sometimes even prompt you to change the seat or room if the recipe is
too volatile.


Know how your own personal birth
numbers and current name interact with your life right now. This is as
important as creating your goals for the future.


In fact, the combination of both
helps you to surpass all obstacles.


One great way to empower yourself
and activate your future with confidence is by preparing your list questions
for an in depth consultation with me.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


As the hurricane season unfolds I will be giving you my forecasts based
on the names and coordinates of certain storms as well as the current cycles
for the states that may be hit. It will be a turbulent season based on the
current numbers for the U.S. in 2010.

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