I caught some of the Academy Awards Show last night. As a composer, I was particularly struck by the winners of ‘Best Song.’
Two totally unknown independent musicians won for their beautiful song ‘Falling Down.’ And the film about the great singer Edith Piaf ‘La Vie En Rose’ won an unexpected author for the delightful French actress Marion Cotillard.
Let’s look at their names and numbers.
Irishman Glen Hansard and Czech singer/pianist Marketa Irglova, who is only 19, were a joy to listen both musically and in their acceptance speech. When you consider that Glen Hansard’s Irish bands are little-known in the U.S. – Irglova is one of his bandmates – it’s quite a rags-to-riches story which should inspire and motivate independent artists worldwide.
Both have outstanding current name numbers – something I already gathered.
Hansard’s name is a 10 – Instant Manifestation. And Irglova’s is a 42/6, a highly fortunate vibration enabling her to receive help from people in high positions.
Then there was the upset win for Cotillard who got the Oscar for ‘Best Actress.’ Julie Christie had been the favorite to claim a second Oscar 42 years after she won her first one. But when you watch Cotillard play Edith Piaf even in a short clip, you can’t help but feel bowled over.
Here’s what’s so interesting. First notice the Double L in her name. Anytime you see a Double Letter, it adds power. L happens to be a Number 3 letter and corresponds to self-expression, creativity and joy. She is also born on a 30/3 day.
By the way, Glen Hansard is also born on a 3 day, the 21st.
But the main number she has going for her right now is her Personal Year. It happens to be the same fabulous number that Barack Obama has going for him as well in 2008. Her year promises – and has now delivered – that all her most secret desires become real. Big plans are necessary because her greatest dreams are made possible now. She will be known as an expert in her field this year.
What more is there to say. That is certainly now the case for Cotillard. I for one look forward to seeing ‘La Vie En Rose.’
Before I go, I wanted to point out that singer Glen Hansard is also in an incredible Personal Year right now where money, gifts and promotions are possible. A year where he can receive recognition for his leadership. And receive assistance from people in higher positions.
When a good current name lines up with an exciting personal year, you can expect big things to go your way.
Make sure YOUR Name resonates to a powerful and fortunate number.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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