Today, two of the most popular
athletes in these Olympics will be competing.


Skier Lindsey Vonn for the coveted
Women's Downhill crown. And snowboarder Shaun White in the exciting halfpipe.


I've been keeping an eye on
Lindsey Vonn for a while because I knew her name and numbers are so powerful.
Lindsey is the most successful American women skier in World cup history.


Before she married fellow skier
and 2002 Olympian Thomas Vonn, Lindsey was known as ‘Lindsey Kildow.'


Amazingly BOTH ‘Lindsey Vonn' and
‘Lindsey Kildow' add up to the SAME highly fortunate number – 27/9. So she's
benefited from a fantastic current name her whole life long.


As it happens, her current name
number ties in directly with two of her important birth numbers.


Lindsey was born on an 18/9 Day
and has a 63/9 Destiny.


This triple 9 in her blueprint
explains her natural leadership qualities. She is also very compassionate, and giving
and but has to watch getting too emotional. She is known to have a history of emotional
pre-race jitters.


Vonn's best friend happens to be
her closest competitor, Germany's Maria Riesch. The families even spend
Christmas together.


As for Lindsey's love of risk,
speed and adventure on the ski slopes – these qualities are explained by her
Life Purpose number, 32/5 – a vibration she shares with many top athletes.


It's no wonder she's the most
decorated U.S. skier ever.


The combination of her three 9s
and 32/5 also supply Lindsey with plenty of magnetism. In fact the ancients
thought of 32 as the ‘politician's number' because it gives a person the
natural ability to charm others with magnetic presence and speech.


You may know about Lindsey's
bruise on her right shin, which she sustained in early February. She hasn't
skied a race since the injury.


Since Vonn is in a 13/4 Personal
Year, these unexpected events are bound to happen. And they will affect her
throughout these Olympics where she is scheduled to compete in five different


Here is how her fortunate name has
helped her so far.


First, the downhill was postponed
for many days due to warm weather giving Lindsey much needed recovery time.


On Monday Lindsay skied the best
practice time even with the injury. Afterwards she canceled her participation
in yesterday's second practice due to pain. Well, as it happened, nobody
trained yesterday because of a snowstorm that hit the mountain overnight.


Again, a fortunate break.


Today is her big day. How do her
numbers look? Mixed.


On the one hand she is in a 15/6
Personal Month, a number that activates all three of her powerful 9s. 6 also
symbolizes health. And coupled with her 13/4 Personal Year it means she can be
dealing with sudden health conditions.


It's possible she may not be able
to compete in the five events she's entered due to more swelling that may occur
as a result of today's downhill.


Today is a 23/5 Personal Day for Lindsey,
mirroring the adventure and risk in her 32/5 Life Purpose Number. This is great for her.


When you combine the risk and
adventure of the 5 with the sudden transformation of her 13/4 Personal Year,
you can definitely count on the unexpected to happen.


I still think Lindsey has a
shot at gold – though there could be consequences as a result of her skiing today.


shaun white.jpg

Tonight is also Shaun White's time
to shine.


This likeable snowboarder is the
reigning Olympic Champion in the halfpipe competition.


Shaun was born with a congenital
heart defect and endured two open-heart operations before the age of one. He's
only 5'8″ tall but usually rules the mountain with his incredible speed and


Fittingly, Shaun White has a 36/9
Life Purpose and an 83/11 Destiny – numbers of leadership and mastery.


His current name ‘Shaun White' resonates
to a highly fortunate 41/5 and carries the same meaning – risk, adventure and
magnetism – as Lindsey Vonn's 32/5 Life Purpose.


Right now Shaun is 23 years old.
23 reduces to 5 – a perfect number for stepping up the risk factor tonight.


His cycles for today are


Shaun is in a 15/6 Personal Year
activating his 36/9 Life Purpose.


And February is a fantastic 17/8
Personal Month for White – the Immortality Number. This means Shaun has a
chance to be immortalized for something he does this month. Perfect timing for
the Olympics.


Notice how today IS the 17th,
so the actual Universal Day is supporting Shaun's Personal cycle.


Both Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White
have benefited immensely from their highly fortunate names.


Success comes more easily, life is
more effortless and help arrives out of nowhere when the name you use right now
adds up to a positively charged number.


Be sure You have a fortunate name
too. Check the frequency of your name here.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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