Typhoon Megi is raging in Asia,
triggering flooding and rock slides that have trapped more than 400 people in


The super typhoon which at one
point had 180 mph winds with gusts to 220 mph already killed 11 people and left
thousands homeless when it hit the Phillipines as a category 5 hurricane. Megi is
heading to China now.


I immediately looked at the name
‘Megi' – a frequency that I intuitively did not like the sound of. Here's the


‘Megi' adds up to 13/4 in the
ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.


13 is not a name number that
brings calmness. Just the opposite is true. 13 is about power. In a weather
event, such as a typhoon, it means the strength of the system can bring about
unexpected destruction.


Notice that 13 reduces to 4. There
are 400 people trapped right now in Taiwan.


Other factors are at play here as


‘Megi' first strengthened into a
category 1 typhoon on October 14, 2010.


14 reduces to 5 – another pivot
number of unexpected events and risk. Also, 14 symbolizes the Media, showing why
this storm is making international headlines.


The whole date adds up to 9 – the
King of Numbers. 9 signifies completion and strength.


The name ‘Megi' and it's 13
influence in combination with the 14/5 and 9 makes for a very dangerous recipe.


I am also keeping a close eye on
tropical storm Richard and will write more about this Caribbean system shortly.


‘Richard' has very similar
qualities to ‘Megi', including a highly challenging name frequency.


Be sure that Your current name is
fortunate and helping you surpass all obstacles. The name you carry with you is
your spiritual calling card. It emits a certain frequency that will activate
your whole life in a certain way.


To check your current name, het your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?‘ report.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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