Planets-and-Stars300When the New Moon formed its beautiful alignment with Saturn on January 20, it activated not only an extraordinary 00 – 11 – 2 code, but also deepened your concentration on your soul purpose.

Then Mercury went retrograde a day later on January 21.

And on January 22 the Sun forms an exact harmonious “sextile” with Saturn!

These three consecutive heavenly events are joining togetherto help you embrace a quiet persistence in everything you envision now, as you ultimately absorb the significance of your life.

Here’s the powerful message embedded in the beautiful Mercury retrograde code:

  • Mercury stationed retrograde at 17 degrees in Aquarius activating the “Immortality Number”.
  • The Aquarius New Moon at 00 degrees one day before translates as a “zero point” immortal moment in time.
  • Venus is conjunct Mercury at 22 degrees attracting financial security.

  • The Moon is conjunct Mercury facilitating a deep integration of your feelings and ideas – absolutely necessary to manifest success.
  • Mercury, the Moon and Venus are opposite Jupiter spreading the Light of Joy into all aspects of your life.
  • At the moment Mercury went retrograde Saturn was at the Midheaven – a glorious indication that your career is poised for success.

How wonderful this code is!

Mercury “the Messenger” is communicating a language of expansion, transparent joy and wealthtrue wealth arising from inner fulfillment.

Mercury loves being in Aquarius – an Air sign enhancing and bathing Mercury with electrical energy. Air is the element transporting communication, the area of life Mercury governs.

forMercuryRetroSaturn’s influence also means that contact with older or wiser people brings insights that enhance your well-being.

As always during any Mercury Retrograde you yearn for more quiet time.

Over for the next month, Saturn’s influence on the New Moon and on Mercury will strengthen you from within. A greater resolve helps you move ahead with your plans, and strategize from a position of confidence.

All Mercury retrogrades help you return to an experience you need to fully investigate and integrate. And this one will take you to the core of your being!

You are navigating your soul-map, discovering the true nature of your destiny and feeling compelled to move forward with a brand new joy and trust haven’t experienced before this time.

2015 is a year of gifts and magical moments.

Embrace this moment.

Be still, and be silent.

Your future is unfolding gradually and gracefully.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Delia January 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    Hi Tania,
    Its so much fun to read your numerologist messages. You was mentioned about january 26 what shall we doing. I wish that day my boyfriend he could really realize himself how much he really loves me whatever i am and whatever happened. and being honest to me. i wish that im the only one woman in his life. i love him so much even he is going to be 66 years old on this coming monday january 26, Do you think I have high fantasy? I wish in my life that i’m gonna happy with boyfriend life.

  2. Brenda D Ransey January 24, 2015 at 1:56 pm - Reply

    Tania, thanks for sharing your forecast with me, and for trying to in tune my mind to a great and wonderful year. I truly believe in the wonderful things you cannot see, as well as the things you can see. I have overcome a lot of tragedies and most of them through faith and prayer, which let’s me know that there is an force in the universe that is not seen by the naked eye, but is attainable by a strong belief in one’s self. I am a lady of 64 this coming 01/31/1951, but look no older than 50 something and very vibrant for my age, so all I ask from the universe is one more chance to get it right financially, and spiritually correct this time around.

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