I’m back in my hotel room next to the Tampa Convention Center. Heard Sylvia Browne talk about Secret Societies. She’s hilarious as well as remarkable.
Why am I here?
This weekend in Tampa, Hay House is having their ‘I Can Do It’ conference. Judging from this evening, it will be a truly uplifting event.
I was invited to talk at two of the workshops. My good friend Colette Baron-Reid asked me to teach the ancient meaning behind numbers and letters tomorrow and Saturday. If you’re near Tampa this weekend, come on over. I’d love to meet you.
Sylvia Browne’s lecture tonight was the perfect introduction to understanding that there is a secret meaning behind every symbol. When letters were created, each one had a strong symbolic meaning and story. Numbers, the precursor and building blocks to letters, are remarkable symbols as well.
Consequently, the power that numbers and words have on our lives is truly remarkable.
Take the number 6, for example. It looks like a pregnant woman. 6 symbolizes being ‘pregnant with love,’ and is often referred to as the ‘Cosmic Parent.’ Those of you with a prominent 6 in your Pythagorean Blueprint are born counselors and advisors. You always want to help others. People are magnetically drawn to you, because they sense your compassion and wisdom.
Now, when you look at the 6 again, you can also see a person who is hunched over. 6 can look like someone who is bearing a heavy load – other people’s problems – he or she has willingly taken on. Someone who has neglected his own needs.
Thus, the lesson for the 6 is to nourish itself in order to nourish others – just like a pregnant mother has to be vigilant about her diet and exercise while carrying a growing fetus in her body.
Here’s another picture of the 6.
Do you see how 6 looks like a zero at the bottom with a fishhook looking off to the right.
The zero represents infinite creativity. The right-facing fish-hook symbolizes sharing what has been created with the world in the future.
So, a creative seed is born in the zero – symbolizing everything and nothing. This seed is nurtured and eventually given to the world as a gift. Facing Right means, facing the future – hence, the gift is nurtured first and later shared with others.
Now imagine that every letter in the alphabet has these deep, extraordinary layers of meaning. In fact, each number and each letter tells a story. The more I spend time meditating on these symbols, the more I realize how profoundly wise the ancients, who created them, were.
In the very same way, your name is a story. The letters and numbers of your name are active vibrations. Your name is alive with feeling. Your name your emotional and spiritual identity. It describes who you are and where you’re going.
If you’ve changed your name because of marriage or other reasons, new unseen forces in your life get activated. This is why you must know the meaning behind your name’s letters and number. Because your name is like an asset. Probably the most important asset you own.
Know all the forces influencing your life. Get your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint Now. You will be taken on a remarkable journey of re-discovery.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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