It's never been done before. Last night in London Usain Bolt-ed into History.

The charismatic Jamaican is now considered the best sprinter ever as he rewrote the record books… by winning the 100m and 200m dash in back-to-back Olympic Games.

Usain Bolt has no equal in this era or any other.

Plus he is the only man to hold BOTH the 100 meter and 200 meter world records. That's never been done before either.

As I wrote before the Olympics, his current name “Usain Bolt” adds up to the highly fortunate Media Number, 14/5. The Media gave him his nickname “Lightning Bolt”. Little did they know how fitting the imagery is when it comes to Bolt's numbers.

His Destiny is the number of sudden, transformative manifestation and power – 49 which reduces to 13/4.

His names ‘Usain' and ‘Bolt' both resonate to ‘16/7, the ‘Lightning Bolt' number! Adding them together gives him his fabulous 14/5 media current name.

Bolt has a powerful magnetism to go along with his anointed “fastest man ever” archetype.

With his birthday on August 21, he is just ending a 15/6 Personal Year – the magnetic number of the ‘Spiritual Alchemist'. No doubt he creates magic and joy on the track –  and sealed his legendary status yesterday.

Note that his herculean feat became reality during a 23/5 ‘Royal Star of the Lion' Personal Month for him. Usain's middle name is “St. Leo”. Yesterday the lion roared to victory.

August is not only a 23/5 Personal Month but yesterday triggered a 32/5 Personal Day for Usain Bolt.

23 and 32 are reverse mirrors of each other. This effect intensified the magnetism to his already powerful equation.

The double 5 also triggered his 14/5 Media Magnet current name. 5 is the archetype of risking everything in the name of Freedom. How fitting these numbers are for Bolt.

Usain Bolt will continue to inspire us.

He is planning on completing his journey in South America close to his Jamaican home at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.

At those Games he will be ending a 19/10/1 “Prince of Heaven” Personal Year. If he remains healthy, he could own those record books as the number 1 Sprinter ever for eons to come.

(How fitting the next Olympics in 2016 end on August 21 – Usain's birthday.)

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