Unexpected events have intensified during this 13 Universal Month!

13 cycles ask you to use your power in a practical way.

13 is the sword of Truth slaying all unnecessary beliefs in order to transcend fear and manifest your God-given power to create your own reality.

Coupled with the 5 Universal Year of 2012 we have a highly transformative formula. Well, I’ve certainly had my share of sudden shifts this month!

One day before moving to a new home I picked up a good friend at the airport and was driving back when my assistant called me about an interview with a major TV news show – for that evening! My friend took over driving duties while I interviewed with the show’s producer and figured out how I might get to their LA studios if needed.

Then, later that same evening my moving company cancelled my move just hours before it was to happen the next morning!

Fortunately my amazing assistant Iryna found a NEW moving company within an hour and we were on track again. (The move turned out great, and I was grateful for the end result – as crazy as the preceding events were!)

Staying calm and centered in the midst of what seems like chaos – but is actually your soul welcoming a shift of consciousness – is the key to happiness.

It’s perfectly normal to feel unsettled at times, especially NOW. First of all, your feelings are a sign that you are ALIVE. Secondly, they are confirmation that you are transforming… a very good thing.

Changes always take us by surprise. The art is to stay centered in the eye of the hurricane – even when you’d rather be anywhere else.

Right now the Earth is reflecting the big shift in consciousness in the physical realms as well.

Hundreds of quakes – a swarm – hit the southern most part of California yesterday.

Hours later a 7.4 quake struck off the coast of El Salvador.

Massive super typhoon (hurricane) “Bolaven” is heading towards the Koreas right now. It is 1,250 miles wide. Typhoon Bolaven comes just after Typhoon Temblin, which caused widespread damage in Taiwan.

Another storm ‘Isaac’ is churning in the Gulf of Mexico and could cause major damage along the Gulf Coast.

These events are not unusual, except for one thing – they are all occurring at the SAME time. When events coincide like this, it is due to a magnification and intensification of energy.

The energy is meant to awaken us!

The question is… Can you let go and go with the flow?

When the same numbers coincide a magnification of similar energy occurs as well. We will be feeling a double 5 intensification in September.

There’s no reason to be frightened though. Just be aware that you want to move through your fears.

You are being asked to take the sword of Truth (21st Century) and slay all the un-truths that have kept you from LIVING FREELY (5 Universal Year)!

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Many Blessings,


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