How Venus is positively affecting your life (right now!)

Posted on September 13th, 2017.

One-by-one, starting with the solar eclipse last month, all 4 personal planets and the Sun have or are crossing over the North Node.

First it was the Moon during the eclipse.

Then the Sun merged with the North Node.

Mercury was next, and most recently Mars on August 27.

Today, Venus is poised to touch the North Node.

When the North Node entered LEO in May after 19 years, the tide turned, putting YOU front and center.

Leo awakens your inner child, and the creativity and freedom to express your true divinity – without excuses – so you shine your Light!

The North Node provides a strong injection of positive energy and power. Similar to Jupiter, the North Node manifests a new life of joy.

Today, as Venus crosses over the North Node, a significant star code is triggered:

  • North node is currently at 23° Leo – 23 adds up to 5.
  • Venus crosses over the node on September 14 – also a 5.

5 is motion.

5 is adventure and change.

5 – the middle digit – represents a pivot point.

The SAME message is echoed now in astrology! A major emphasis is happening with planets in mutable signs:

Change is the only constant. 

In a nutshell, experiences and people crossing your path are opening up dynamic new pathways in you.

Surprises are everywhere!

  • Since Venus emphasizes love and the North Node governs new relationships, be open to forging surprising new partnerships that reshape your future.
  • Since Venus symbolizes beauty and luxury, embrace any new expressions of wealth – watch especially for surprising opportunities that seek to raise your personal and financial worth.

This fabulous North Node/Venus union is a time to celebrate with others.

Over the next three days the dynamic energy is enhanced exponentially by a gorgeous sextile with Jupiter at 24° Libra.

Jupiter always expands, so when in a harmonious sextile to Venus and the North Node, Jupiter’s blessings allow you to TRIUMPH. It’s a big cosmic thumbs UP – motioning you to move forward!

Pay attention to what ignites your inner fire (Leo), and you’ll be rewarded in a big way.

When Venus, North Node and Jupiter merge (and also form a highly fortunate Grand TRINE with Uranus and Saturn) – the energy is about as fortunate as it gets!

During this positive shift it's important YOU are aligned with positive energy.

One of the easiest ways to create positive momentum is with your current name…

Here's how it works:

The name you are using now – your current name (not your birth name) – adds up to a number that is either fortunate or challenging.

  • A challenging current name frequency attracts hurdles. More often than not, your life feels out of sync, unfulfilled, with continuous difficulties and hurdles.
  • A fortunate name helps you to fulfill your birth promise with much greater ease and support from others.

In “Your Wealthy Name Code” report I’ll check your current name. If it is challenging, I’ll give you two fortunate alternatives. You can implement the fabulous positive energy right away!

And one really important tip:

Make sure you use only ONE fortunate name. (Adding a middle initial will change the frequency – it’s a matter of math.)

If you are using TWO or more current names, even if both are fortunate spellings, you are dissipating your energy. It’s like handing out two or more calling cards and asking the universe to choose… VERY confusing!!

So, once you have that fortunate current name (personal or business) activate it across the board – emails, websites, bills, credit cards, checkbooks – to reap the FULL benefits!

Get Your Wealthy Name Code report here.

You'll KNOW with certainty that you are attracting and activating positive energy!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


























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