When the planet of love, beauty, values and prosperity goes retrograde it is a significant event.

Especially since Venus is the planet least likely to be in a retrograde cycle at any given moment in time – only every 18-19 months.

So when it happens, we feel Venus deeply.

Venus touches our heart and our overall well-being. While in its retrograde cycle, our hearts can be healed and awakened in a most personal, transcendent way – and at the end of its 6-week retrograde, we can integrate the gifts of Venus by understanding and embodying true love.

Venus governs the Divine Feminine principle in all of us – playing a big role in the awakening of our hearts, especially at this time.

Listen to the wisdom in your heart – not your mind.

You’ve probably been feeling the energy already as Venus has slowed down all through February in preparation to change direction and move into retrograde motion ((March 4 – April 15). Now Venus has come to a standstill at the powerful degree number of 13° Aries.

13 governs birth, death and a renewed life – total transformation. March, 2017 is a 13 Universal Month, so this double emphasis on the number of change will shift your life no doubt.

Aries, the FIRST sign of the zodiac, initiates new beginnings and the passion to step into a new life.

Venus will also be moving back into Pisces on April 2 – the FINAL sign of the zodiac, activating endings and emotional release through spiritual awakening.

This theme of endings and new beginnings is one we’re all navigating a lot lately! For one, 2016 was a 9 Universal Year of endings and we just moved into the brand new 9-year cycle of new beginnings in 2017, a 10/1 Universal Year.

Venus retrograde is now beckoning you to let go of an outdated way of loving, or a past love or relationship as you re-evaluate the way you relate to others and have held on to past pains and emotional blockages…

  • In the process you are opening your heart to embrace a much deeper love.
  • In clearing away the old love paradigms of the past, you gain great clarity.

Initially, as Venus retrograde begins, you may feel like spending more time alone, as you look within towards your heart and deeply FEEL. Reflect on your true core values, how you use your precious energy resources and WHO you choose to share your energy with.
Loving begins with loving yourself.

Venus celebrates love on every level. All you need to remember is to allow your heart to lead you – let any fear of feeling gently dissipate and fall away.

That is a beautiful self loving act.

And then your heart will rise … and by the end of the retrograde on April 15 you will have experienced LOVE and Self Acceptance at a deeper level than ever before.

Opportunities to love and let go and discover the abundance of life through your true natural instincts are now being placed before you. Watch for them.

Trust in the timing of the universe. All is falling into place.

Love and joy are being restored.

Be sure to follow this powerful Venus retrograde cycle including the important heavenly meetings between Venus and other planets in the March Premium Monthly Forecast.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle



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  1. Paul May April 9, 2017 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    I got an incredible expirience in my new home a few minutes ago(another one, it happens to me everyday since january, but more intensely in april) this time with my both hemisferes and my hara and after I have readen this page (Venus retrograde begins now)and I cant belive it. It seems you are exactly talking about me. Thank you.
    I think that i got absolutly connected to Earth. Fully happy but a Little alone.

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