I took my walk in the hills around our neighborhood earlier this morning. It was already getting hot, so I decided to concentrate on one particular word to get my mind off the heat.
I chose the word EYE. In my head, while climbing a particularly steep incline, I added up the full word number. In this case the letter Y would total 25, instead of 7. Another example would be the letter R. As the 18th letter in the alphabet, R would be an 18 when totaling the full word number.
In the case for the word EYE, the full word number is 35. Here is where it gets really interesting.
Place the corresponding letters under number 35 – so 3 is the third letter, C, and 5 is the fifth letter, E. What does CE sound like? ‘See!’
Now look at 35/8, where the 8 corresponds to our 8th letter H. You get CE-H, or ‘See Each.’ As in see from each eye. Or ‘see each’ thing, person or event. I was amazed when I first began totaling the full number for specific words.
Here’s another example. As I was walking downhill I picked out the word LIFE. The full word number for life is 23, which is a combination of the female number 2 and the male number 3. All of life is made up of positive and negative, male and female, yin and yang. It’s vital for life to continue to have both forces in balance. How appropriate for LIFE then to resonate to this number.
When you look at the full word number 23/5 with corresponding letters, you get CBE. ‘See, Be.’ A pretty food description of life, don’t you think? Life is about seeing and being, to travel, to learn, to be free to do what you want, to experience all 5 senses. Notice that the root number is 5, which is all about freedom.
When I began to realize the letters and numbers of each word literally describe the word, I was astounded. In the same way my clients are amazed after receiving their Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint and Intuitive Counseling Call.
Here’s what one of my recent clients had to say after her Intuitive Counseling Phone Call.
“Hi Tania,
“After getting my Blueprint and talking to you on the phone last night, I felt like I was talking with someone who has known me my entire life. You knew specific things that I never shared before with anyone, and you easily explained to me in detail the things in my life that are strong along with the ones that need to be worked on.
“This is the most valuable thing any person can do for themselves because it is completely personalized, amazingly accurate and will benefit you in every aspect of your life – business, personal, etc. You'll finally understand why some things have always come so naturally to you, while you struggle in other areas no matter how hard you've tried… and once you get this knowledge in your Blueprint along with Tania's very insightful observations, your life path is so much easier – and more exciting! – to see.
“If you are reading this site, then it's a guarantee you want to know more about where your life is headed and what your name actually does for you… and for all of you I say, don't wait another minute to get your personalized blueprint. This is truly inspiring and life-changing! Thanks again!”
Sonja Vukas
Dyer, IN

Thank you, Sonja. It was a pleasure talking to you as well.
Reading your blueprint is like receiving an internal power-boost. For many of my clients the blueprint is a daily read. I often hear, ‘No one knows this about me. How do you know this.’ I explain that numbers are a tool, a gateway to the soul. This is why nothing can match the effect this document has on your subconscious AND conscious minds.
So order your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French

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