October is a 6 month of compassion, responsibility and abundance — a great time to look at the driving force in your life.

Each one of us is unique. We thrive on each other’s differences.

Yet there is one trait we all share that indicates our ability to move forward and evolve. This trait defines the speed in which we integrate our destiny, our purpose.

In my own experience I have found…

Your growth is measured by your integrity.

Your spiritual constitution, your makeup, your character reveal how intensely motivated you are to thrive.

How quickly you learn, grow and mature is measured by your character and integrity.

When we meet someone who has an intense, passionate desire, their very presence elevates us!

The drive to excel – to be the best person you can be at any given moment – varies between people. It can fluctuate between one life and the next.

Integrity is a commitment to be free of self-deception.

The fulfillment that comes from integrity is not based on selfish desires, but on joining with others in an honest and uplifting way.

Self-deception leads to imbalance, discord and victimhood.

When we lie to ourselves and don't take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, we separate from our source and instead serve the self-centered needs of our ego.

Integrity is a great desire to be honest about how you find yourself at any given moment.

What are your motives?

For example, most people want to make more money. Their motive is to create more income.

However, just being motivated to make more money creates an emptiness. It's not a fulfilling thought. It results in decisions borne of self-deception. In this state you can't integrate your soul's desire to serve others in a positive way. Instead you serve your ego's desires.

So how do you create abundance? How do you create anything of value, for that matter?

1. First, you have to calm your mind. When you approach anything or anyone with anxiety, you enter from a point of lack and worry. So self-deception step number one is, calm down.

2. Step number two is to focus your attention away from the turbulence around you. Reach inwards, and go into silence.

Listen to your inner voice.

Go to a space where you feel uplifted, peaceful and serene. Make all your decisions from this space.

The truth is, abundance is a state of BEING, it is connected to everything you feel. All actions result from what you are feeling, what you are being.

A cluttered mind only leads to more anxiety. A quiet mind is serene under any circumstances.

Abundance is a continual act of creation.

Abundance is an expression of joy.

To create abundance in your life, have some fun! What are you PASSIONATE about? What inspires you on the deepest levels?

2012 is the PERFECT YEAR to explore.

2012 = 5, the pivot point number of risk, fun and adventure.

5 in its ultimate form means ‘Freedom from Fear.'

The 6 for October, 2012 asks us to be responsible. Number 6 visibly symbolizes a woman who is pregnant and has taken on the responsibility of birthing and raising a child.

You too are birthing now.

In order to know what direction your soul has chosen for this lifetime, be sure you are deeply familiar with the personal numbers code you were born with, as shown in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Your personal numbers code reveals your Purpose and Destiny.

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Now go be abundant!

Love and Blessings,


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