Much has been written about the end of the Mayan long-count 13 baktun calendar, but not much has been revealed about how the beginning of the calendar might relate to the end date.

The start of the calendar tells a potent story.

By now you know from my newsletters and live events that the number 13 represents the “Divine Feminine” – and 2013 brings a rebirth of the Divine Feminine in all of us.

A time of joy and abundance awaits humanity as we balance the masculine and feminine qualities within us.

The story of the outcome of the Mayan long count end date on 12.21.2012 is mirrored in some ways in the history and conditions that surrounded its beginning.

Our current Mayan cycle began on August 13 in 3114 BC.

Notice how the numerology of that date appears to us in the 21st century:

    • August 13 is a 13/4 Universal Day.

4 is the number of Earth. Number 13 represents the Divine Feminine.

Let's look more closely at the significance these symbols.

5,126 years ago or 1,867,145 days makes each baktun close to 144,000 days in length. This is why the Mayan Long Count is called “thirteen baktuns.”

Amazingly, two historically mythological events took place around the beginning of the current calendar.

Hindu legend states that Krishna died on February 16, 3102 BC one of the most famous dates in sacred history. This event began the cosmic cycle of “Kali Yuga” (age of darkness).

The coincidence of this start date with the start time of the Mayan long-count is extraordinary.

The second historically mythological event occurred in 3102 BC in Ancient Egypt – the year that the historic Osiris, on which the subsequent myth is based, was murdered.

The death of Krishna and murder of Osiris signaled a moment in human history when our sacred connection to the Divine was severed. In the centuries and millenia that followed, we lost interest and ability to communicate with Earth, our creative expression dissipated and our cultural connections were mired in conflict and eventual darkness.

In other words, the start-time of the Mayan Long Count coincided with a shift in how we experienced sacredness – moving away from a goddess-centered vision of the Earth made visible by the beauty of creation and celebrated in the joyful dance of the natural world – a world of Abundance for All.

One important part of my Virtual Video Intensive on January 15, 2013 will demystify the sacred connections that were broken and the steps in how to heal them.

Reconnecting to the sacred intelligence of nature is the key to unlocking your abundant year in 2013 – the BEGINNING of the new baktun calendar!

A big part in this reconnection is re-establishing our reverence for the Divine Feminine, symbolized by the number 13.

In the last 5,100 years humans have lost their balance between masculine and feminine in favor of patriarchy and theocracy led by a male God, popes, emperors and kings.

Think of 12.21.2012 as a vortex in time – a pivotal moment around which events are clustered – before and after.

This date signifies a shift when humans recalibrate their cultural perspective. Where behavior, thoughts and discoveries melt and dissolve, merge and then re-emerge like a phoenix into the light.

What makes 12.21.2012 – an 11 Universal Date of BALANCE – so pivotal is that it has been identified as a mythological, sacred date which has been confirmed in the stars!

Watch the “12.21.2012 Quantum Shift” Video and see these planetary events and numbers in action on that day!

The 2012 Code comes to life in a way that is positively astounding and so remarkable as to discount anyone who refutes such a shift is not taking place during our lifetime.

Click here:

Celebrations are markers of pivotal moments in time. Celebrations remind us of our blessings.

Such a time of celebration is upon us now.

By rejoicing in the Winter Solstice – the end of the long-count calendar from December 21 through 23, 2012 you will be participating in a sacred birthday of a new divine consciousness that ushers in a tremendous new era.

By focusing on your inner life, you will reconnect and activate the abundant, sacred part of your Soul.

A sacred life blesses everything and everyone.

Enjoy this exciting video to discover why the secret codes painted in the heavens on that day are cause for celebration and gratitude!

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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