Welcome to August, a 13 Universal Month in a 5 Year!

Surprises in your personal life and world events will continue to intensify as we head into the last five months of 2012.

For example, for two straight days 600 million people in India – half the population – was left without power, affecting more people than live in the European Union.

Tensions are escalating between Iran and the U.S. and Israel.

Favored World and Olympic Champions are having their hopes dashed or are winning by record margins… OR being booted from the Games as happened to the Gold medal favorite female badminton team from China and 6 other badminton athletes. All were disqualified from the Olympics today for trying to lose matches in order to face easier opponents down the road…

On every level 2012 is setting the record straight.

What was kept secret or hidden from view before is nearly impossible to cover up.

Surprising, unexpected turns of events are keeping us all on our toes… nothing can be relied upon to be written in stone anymore.

And that means, you can't count on outside forces to carry you through.

2012 is giving you the reigns to run your life. YOU are in the drivers seat. You make the decisions – and that is great news! You ensure that your life is moving forward, no matter what distractions appear on your radar screen (which they inevitably will continue to do in 2012).

It takes an inner feeling of Passion Poise and Power to create spectacular results and shifts in your life.

Especially now.

Because what happens AFTER 2012 may surprise you.

After navigating through the big shift this year, you have a major opportunity create and experience Abundance in a profound and empowering way.

This information is vitally important as we head towards 12.21.2012 and 2013.

That's because the Universal astro-numerology formula of 2013 unleashes the Divine Law of Abundance.

In 2013, a 6 Universal Year, the Law of Abundance will be grounded by the number 13, a transformative MANIFESTATION number. You will be able to monetize your gifts and lay downroots for future abundance that lasts.

Number 13 unlocks the “Divine Feminine” in conjunction with number 6 — bringing back into balance the masculine and feminine after millennia of imbalance.

This formula is a spectacular invitation to create wealth.

Especially if you know your personal abundance blocks and gifts so you can activate your personal Abundance Code and prosper.

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Love and Blessings,


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  1. Aurelio August 9, 2012 at 10:15 am - Reply

    Thank you Tania for this info!… As a man who has strong feminine energy, I look forward to 2013 as the year of rebalancing the masculine and feminine energies which have been out of balance for so long… Love, Aurelio.

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