Did you know your initials contain information about how you work with energy – including money?

For example, if your first or last name begins with the letter C you are very open, creative and like to communicate your voice! C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet.

Notice how C and 3 are similar in that they open up completely to one side.

So C people are generous with their thoughts, ideas and money – but they also may let energy ‘spill out’. So have a tendency to spend, unless there are other capital letters and personal numbers to balance out this energy.

Whereas letter U is shaped like a cup that can hold things, letter C lets it flow out – feelings are hard to hold in and must be expressed. C is open to the right – the future – and is pronounced ‘see’, meaning C’s have clairvoyant gifts, though they may not be aware of them.

The capital A is able to assess, acquire and amass energy. This translates to money as well.

Letter B looks like a house with two rooms and symbolizes the building of a foundation and holding ON to energy and money. There is no way to ‘leave’ the letter B, as it does not have an opening like A and C. But it brings a good balance when combined with these other letters. In fact B needs other ‘open’ letters and numbers for balance.

The letter R, symbolizes leaders, teachers and writers. It is pictured as a P with a leg moving to the right – showing forward movement. Notice how Royalty, Regal, Religion, Rabbi, Ring, Rolls Royce and being ‘Right’ all begin with this letter.

R both holds on to energy and moves it forward indicating a knack for attracting and building an empire.

W resembles a person with both arms stretching up to the heavens. W people receive well and are able to translate inspiration into unique, often lucrative brands.

Examples of this are trailblazers Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, Walt Whitman, Woody Allen, Willy Nelson, Walt Disney and Willa Cather.

Every part of your personal numbers code – your birthday, birth name and current name – contains amazing and valuable information about YOU.

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