You may have heard about the latest bailout – pardon me -‘stimulus package', passed by the House yesterday.

$819 billion more, made out of thin air. That's in addition to the $700 billion which grew to $850 billion and keeps on growing.

Let's look at the latest figure $819,000,000,000. It reduces to 18/9.

What did the ancient Chaldeans say about this number.

18 symbolizes materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature. Within a family it may result in bitter quarrels. Within a larger context such as government the potential for making m'oney through conflict, social upheaval or war is there. Deception may be part of the experience.

Pythagoras also warned about deception, rashness and carelessness with this vibration.

Why is 18 so powerful. Notice that 1 plus 8 further reduces to 9 – a leadership number. So the ability to implement plans is great.

Let's glance back at what occurred four months ago.

The $700 billion bailout passed in September tied directly into 16/7 Election Date indicating a ‘fall from a high place. The $850 billion passed by the Senate in October reduces to 13/4. Taking the 16/7, 13/4 and 18/9 into account means it's time for you to prepare.

Do I believe government is the answer. NO. I believe the force is within you.

As I said to a friend yesterday – challenges are always a call for action. They ask you to put your creative imagination into high gear.

Right now your creative resources are waiting to be tapped.

What the government does is outside of your control. What You do has unlimited potential.

I'm taking action now. Investing in goods – physical and precious goods, mental and spiritual resources.

Instead of tuning into the media, I'm tuning into my infinite imagination. Instead of activating a story the media has implanted in my mind, I'm allowing my mind to explore.

Creating a positive energy aura around yourself will do more to activate abundance and peace than any government handout.

Remember to include your name in this power equation as well.

Having a fortunate name does so much to support and help you create successful solutions. Be sure you and your loved ones are benefiting right now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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