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Back in April I wrote that the
effects of BP's oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico would have dramatic


Since then I have done more
research on British Petroleum. And found many more clues and synchronicities.


Two numbers in particular are
prevalent everywhere.


BP was born in 1909, a year that
adds up to 19/10/1. This coincides with the oil company's current name – ‘BP' –
which is a 10/1.


10 is the ‘Instant Manifestation'
number. It attracts events – positive or negative – faster than any other
number. People and businesses with 10 names are either loved or disliked
intensely. It all depends on how their powerful 10 magnetism is used and


10 reduces to 1 – a number of ambition,
high activity, inventiveness wanting to be ‘Number 1.' When used negatively, you
get aggressiveness, indecision, deceit and even disgrace.


We have already seen all of these
qualities activated with BP.


But why did the explosion and its
devastating aftermath happen now, in 2010.


Look at these numbers.


2010 is the 101st
anniversary for BP.


The Destiny Number, or birth name,
for this company is 110/2.


The explosion occurred on April 20.


So we have an amazing
synchronicity between the birth name 101/2, the anniversary 110/2 and the onset
of the disaster on a 20/2 Universal Day.


When your Destiny Number is
activated, your career is in the spotlight. For BP that is an understatement.
The whole ‘career' of this 6th most powerful corporation in the
world is on the line.


Additionally, BP is in a 22/4
cycle this year.


Gulf oil spill.jpg

All these 2s point to issues
concerning relationships – communication, diplomacy and cooperation as well as
confusion, revealing only surface knowledge, conceit and sneakiness. It is no
surprise then that BP is dealing with the public, the government and it's
relationship to the Earth.


In fact, 22, the current cycle for
BP, reduces to 4 – the number symbolizing planet Earth, a part of which has
been decimated.


The double 2 in 22 indicates a relationship
to Earth that must now be addressed. The 4 also brings fateful events,
especially if past actions and mind patterns were negative.


Then there is the 101 and 110
activation being activated in 2010 for BP. These numbers symbolize double new
beginnings. Since they reduce to 2 – the beginnings can be highly emotional.


With the 101 Anniversary, this
Destiny for BP is fully activated. This means that there are more opportunities
– and obstacles. Opportunities for leadership through cooperation and diplomacy
– and obstacles due to deception, confusion and conceit.


When coupled with the 22/4 current
cycle, this recipe makes for a very powerful and confronting mix of numbers.


There is one more major clue.


BP Logo.jpg

BP's logo is an 18 leaf green and
yellow flower. This number is highly significant.


18 symbolizes materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual
side of nature. It may result in making money through conflict, social upheaval
or war or the use of divisive tactics.


18 reduces to 9, the number of humanity, leadership, and
often, an inflated ego.


Notice the disaster happened on 4.20.2010 – a 9 Universal
Date – a direct connection to number 18/9.


Yet again, a piece of the puzzle is revealed by an
astounding current formula of numbers.


It is amazing how your own personal numbers keep appearing in
people, dates and locations throughout your life. This mirror effect is very
important to recognize and understand.


Knowing what your frequencies mean and how they affect you right
now – well, that knowledge gives you the keys to surpassing all obstacles.


When you are on the phone with me, we look closely at your
unique personal numbers' formula. No matter what your question or concern is, it
can be explained and answered using the world of frequencies.


I am moving later this month. So book your Intuitive
Counseling Call
now while there are still openings.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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