When I was young, I befriended Vicki and Jessica who were beautiful identical twins at my school.

I couldn't tell them apart – at first. Soon though, I noticed a distinct difference in personalities. Vicki was bolder, vivacious and unafraid. Jessica was quiet, more withdrawn, and a follower.

It was only later I understood why. Their individual names add up to a completely different set of numbers.

For example, Jessica's current number is an 8 – a vibration indicating power and leadership. Look at both Presidential candidates. They each have the same 17/8 current name. Victoria's name, on the other hand, added up to a far weaker number.

In hindsight, their current name numbers fit my twin friends to a T. I often wonder what happened to them.

Another example of twins whose lives are well-known to teenagers, are Mary-Kate and Ashley
Olsen – formerly known as the ‘Olsen Twins.' They made their immense fortune after appearing for years on the tv sitcom ‘Full House.'

There is good reason the Olsen girls have attracted so much financial abundance.

Their company ‘Dualstar' founded in 1993, when Ashley and Mary-Kate were only 7 years old, adds up an amazing number – 24/6. The number 6 alone will attract m'oney, and when you add the 24 the windfall is limitless.

Take a look at how their company name has helped them.

Remember, it was founded After they had completed their acting stint on Full House. By the way, ‘Full House' is a fabulous number 10 name. Since finishing the show as young girls, their brand has been sold in more than 3,000 stores in America and over 5,300 stores worldwide.

They've been on the Forbes' “The Celebrity 100 list' since 2002. In 2007 Forbes ranked them as the 11th richest women in entertainment, with an estimated net worth of $100 mil.

When a great name is combined with a great passion – the world is your oyster.

Then there's the story of Mary-Kate and Ashley's personal names. Their lives are definitely not identical.

In recent years, Mary-Kate has been in and out of drug rehab, has suffered from anorexia and in the last year was admitted to a hospital for a kidney infection.

After the twins made the unusual decision – unusual for famous Hollywood starlets that is – to attend New York University in 2004, Mary-Kate took a leave of absence from NYU in 2005 and never returned. She moved back to Los Angeles after a difficult breakup with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III.

Then just earlier this year, Mary-Kate was caught up in the sudden death of her close friend, Australian actor Heath Ledger.

Ashley has remained relatively unscathed.

Why are their personal lives so different. Mary-Kate's is filled with health and personal dramas, while Ashley is living with fame and fortune much more easily.

Look at the numbers each of their names adds up to.

The twins were born on June 13, and that makes the events and people in their lives feel ‘destined and fated.' So a good name is particularly important. Unfortunately ‘Mary-Kate Olsen' adds up to a challenging 16/7, describing exactly why she is ‘a person with a crown on her head, falling from a high place.'

On the other hand ‘Ashley Olsen' is a 14/5 – a highly fortunate name number.

14 also represents the ‘Media' number. That partly explains their immense success on tv – after all they shared the role of one character on ‘Full House.' Interestingly, from 2006 Ashley began appearing in tv movies separately from Mary-Kate.

Again we see the effect a current name has, even on young adults and teenagers. After all, Ashley and Mary-Kate are only 22, and both have been influenced by their names for years.

So, make sure your current name is helping you, like Ashley Olsen's is. Don't tempt fate with a challenging current name. It's not worth it.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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