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You may know him from the movie ‘The Secret.' James Arthur Ray, listed
as Philosopher, was one of the cast members.


Now he's much more widely known for an incident
that happened earlier this month.


On October 8 near Sedona, Arizona James Arthur
Ray was leading a weeklong workshop.


As the leader of his ‘Spiritual Warrior' event,
Ray had pushed participants to go with no sleep and enter into altered states
of mind through breathing exercises.


They also competed in a game in which he played


The sweat lodge ceremony happened soon after a
36-hour fast – a vision quest in the desert where no water was allowed. Then
came the ceremony. For two hours 50 people were cramped in a pitch-black tent with
128 degree temperatures. That's insane.


Three people have died, 20 were taken to the
hospital, many of whom are suffering from side effects of dehydration and organ
failure. There was just not enough oxygen to go around.


After some research I found stunning numbers
connected to Ray, his cycles and the address of the retreat center he rented for
the event.


First a look at Ray's personal numbers. He goes
by ‘James Arthur Ray' in his press materials and that's how the media refers to
him. I'm sure one of the reasons he uses three names is so no one confuses him
with James Earl Ray.


‘James Arthur Ray' adds up to 11/2 in the
ancient Chaldean system – a number of mastery. Unfortunately an 11 current name
can cause division and challenges.


Interestingly his birth name, or Destiny number,
is a 61/7. Notice the 61 is 16 in reverse. Thus, 61 has a mirror connection to
the number 16 – indicating the potential for sudden events.


61 reduces to 7, the vibration of intuition,
wisdom, and intellectual analysis. Many religious and spiritual leaders have a
major 7 in their birth blueprint. With this number, Ray is by nature a loner especially
when it comes to his career, so he must work for himself. 61 stands for
achievement – a rise to a high place.


The combination of Ray's 61/7 Destiny, 22 Day of
Birth and his 1 Life Purpose show me his potential is tremendous. So is his
drive for success.


Yet coupled with an 11 current name number, the
risk for challenges is great as well.


Here's where it gets interesting. Let's see how
Ray's personal cycles influenced the events of October 8.


In 2009 James Arthur Ray is experiencing a 17/8
Personal Year – the Immortality Number. Certainly this tragic event may
‘immortalize' him more than any other.


8 cycles often bring financial abundance. Not
surprisingly, in September Ray was named to the Forbes 500 list for the very first


Keep in mind though, since Ray is born on a 22/4
Personal Day, any 4 or 8 personal cycle may bring ‘fateful' events. That's
because there is a fateful, magnetic attraction between these two numbers.


It's no surprise then that the sweat lodge
tragedy happened on October 8, which ALSO was a 26/8 Personal Day for Ray.


Unfortunately this 4 and 8 connection was very
much activated in the address of the retreat center as well.


I noticed on the 911 calls the participants
referred to the retreat center address as ‘thirteen five thirteen'.


What does 13513 add up to? Yes – 13/4. I was


13 is the number of transformation. It often
signifies major transitions and sudden events. The ‘death' of past. So on the
one hand it helps for these kinds of vision quests. Yet for Ray, this numbers'
combo can cause challenges.


And on the day of the sweat lodge, a very potent
numbers' recipe was activated.


Remember, Ray is in an 8 Personal Year right


The sweat lodge occurred on October 8.


Ray was experiencing a 26/8 Personal Day that
day too.


His Day of birth is 22/4.


So the 13/4 address was particularly triggered
on that day.


Considering the severe physical tests the
participants had endured, Ray should have been FAR more precautious and
responsive during those tragic two hours and their aftermath. Don't get me
wrong – his numbers didn't cause the events – but they did AFFECT him.


The division in his 11 current name number was
obviously apparent in that hot tent that evening.


Expecting his students to endure the same amount
of physical hardship across the board, because of mind over matter – was


Remember, he also has a 7 Destiny and a  1 Life Purpose. Both are very
intellectual numbers. 7, his career vibration, can be very analytical – and on that
fateful afternoon his mind superseded all compassion.


When people wanted out or asked for help because
someone next to them was not moving, they were verbally cut down by Ray.


His expectation to turn them into ‘spiritual
warriors' took precedent over everything else.


Ray absolutely could use a fortunate current
to bring out the best in his birth blueprint.


You see, it is your current name that will
attract helpful people and situations into your life – or not. So make sure
your name is supporting you.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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