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Yesterday the NY Times asked me to
analyze the numbers for the two Healthcare Bills, as much of the U.S. focuses
on the vote tomorrow.


They also wanted to know about the
significance of the 216 votes needed to pass the bill in the House of


All numbers carry a meaning,
giving us clues about their quality, emotion and symbolism.


Let's look at the Senate Bill ‘HR 3590′ first.



3+5+9+0 = 17  

1+7 = 8


I, the letter ‘H'”
corresponds to the number 5 and the letter ‘R' corresponds to the number 2.


‘HR' is translated as 5 + 2 =
7 in the ancient Chaldean numerology system that I use for current names.


The total for ‘HR 3590' is 17
+ 7 = 24/6


Number 17 is the ‘Immortality
Number.' It guarantees that a legacy of some sort is left behind – positive or


For example, both ‘Barack
Obama' and ‘Michelle Obama' have current names that add up to 17/8 and definitely
will be remembered in history books.


The number 3590 shows that
this healthcare bill will leave a lasting legacy, whether it passes or not. 17
reduces to 8 (1+7 = 8). Turn 8 on it's side and you get the symbol for
infinity. This number symbolizes power, longevity and strength gained by
overcoming obstacles.  


Even if the Senate bill is
not passed, the result will have an equally strong impact on President Obama.


When adding “HR” to
“3590” the total is 24, a number which reduces to 6. Notice that 6
looks like a pregnant woman. This creative and emotional number symbolizes your
home, family and health. 6 symbolizes the cosmic parent and indicates an entity
or person who helps, comforts and counsels others.


The House Bill is HR 4872. In
a moment I will look at what the whole recipe of numbers reveal.


4+8+7+2 = 21 and 2+1 = 3


3 is an emotional number. It
represents creation and perfection on the one hand and drama and change on the
other hand. Notice that 2010 reduces to 3, so we will be experiencing our share
of drama and unexpected events worldwide this year.


H and R add up to 7, as I
already mentioned. So the total for “HR 4872” equals 10.


10 is the ‘Instant
Manifestation' number. You envision something and it will materialize – good or
bad. This number can elicit strong responses of love or hate. There is no
middle ground between honor and dishonor. So 10 is a very powerful number.


In combination, the numbers
for both bills indicate they will leave a lasting legacy on family, health and
money if passed. They create emotional drama and will affect Americans in a
powerful way. If passed, the effects – positive and negative – will manifest
quickly, both for members of Congress and the United States as a whole.


I was also asked about the
216 votes needed in the House.


2+1+6 = 9


9 is an emotional number of
culmination and endings. It is the final single digit number. After 9 comes
number 10 = 1+0 = 1 and starts the cycle all over again.


The image of number 9
looks like a person with a big head on his or her body. So 9 can indicate an
outsized ego. 9 is also in the emotional trilogy of numbers – 3, 6 and 9, This
means there will be emotional egos on the when the votes are finally cast.


The endings symbolism
indicates that Representatives know some of them will lose their seat as a
result of their vote.


Enjoy the weekend – Happy


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Many of you wanted to
know when the earthquakes will strike the West coast of North America. I don't
predict dates, I forecast trends. The trends show that this will happen very
soon in geology time – probably within a year. Use your intuition to decide how
to prepare. Also, notice I am not only talking about California, but from
Vancouver down to Mexico.

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