this week as I was catching up on emails, I noticed this question about Ron


‘Hi Tania,


‘You've talked about various
U.S. presidents and presidential candidates. I became curious about Ron Paul
because he's having such a huge influence in politics right now in spite of not
winning the presidency. The mainstream media almost completely ignored him
during his campaign, but he became wildly popular on the internet.


ron paul.jpg

‘He currently has 303
co-sponsors in the House and 30 co-sponsors in the Senate for his Audit
the Fed bill. He began a huge grass roots movement to bring the country back to
its constitutional roots.


was curious about his numbers.'





the Presidential campaign I did talk about Ron Paul along with the other
candidates. I've also written about the challenging and fateful numbers for the
Federal Reserve.


for Ron Paul, there is a major reason he's been able to get around the
mainstream media and use the internet so effectively to reach a lot of people.


current name, ‘Ron Paul' adds up to the Media Number 14/5.


14 signifies magnetic communication with the public through
writing, publishing, the internet, television, movies and all media-related


Ron Paul shares this name number with ‘Angelina Jolie' – one
of the most visible media stars in the last few years. If you have a 14/5 name
AND happen to have a career in politics, Hollywood, as a writer/publisher or
run an internet business, you will activate a magnetic presence with the public
through the media.


Ron Paul has certainly done so. Also note, as Colette
pointed out to me, that Ron Paul represents the 14th district in


Anytime you double a numbers' presence, it will double in


And that goes for the root number 5 as well. 5 symbolizes
freedom. The reason Ron Paul's message resonates across the left and right
spectrum is because he wants to Americans freed from the banksters who have
robbed us of trillions.


angelina jolie.jpg

5 also symbolizes a magnetic connection with people. Ron
Paul – and Angelina Jolie for that matter – have fascinated large segments of
the population.


Since 5 lies right in the middle of 1 through 9, it
represents a tipping point and a call to action.


fitting that Ron Paul's two books ‘
Revolution – A Manifesto' and ‘End the Fed' are exactly that – calls to action
for a country that lies at a crucial point in history.


Amazingly, even his name
‘Congressman Paul' adds up to 14/5.


So his personal name, his
district and his title in Congress ALL add up to the same number. That is a
clue as to what he is here to do and How he will accomplish his goals.


Without knowing these details
himself, he is still affected by the symbolism in his numbers. It shows yet again that your
numbers are activated, whether you are aware of them or not.


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Warmest Regards,

 Tania Gabrielle


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