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I'm going to look at the numerology for the H1N1 virus. The other day I
received an email from a client in Belgium.




‘May I ask you what's your
take on swine flu. All my doctor friends in Europe are against the vaccine, on
scientific grounds. Several lawsuits are now engaged against pharma labs.'



Johan F.


are rejecting the H1N1 flu vaccine en masse. Americans too are waking up to the
danger of vaccines.


Not surprisingly, numerology
confirms the danger. Just look at the names for major clues.


When doctors and so-called
news reporters are telling you to take the ‘Swine Flu Vaccine' – they are
activating a name that adds up to 16/7.


When they refer to ‘H1N1',
the number 12/3 is triggered.


And ‘H1N1 Swine Flu'
activates a 13/4 name.


A closer look at all three
name numbers reveals the story behind the story. 16/7 signifies a sudden ‘fall
from a high place.' 12/3 activates all sorts of ‘victim and victimizing'
symbolism in a current name. And finally, 13/4 describes transformation that
can bring destruction depending on how this number of power is used.


In combination we can see
that these three numbers attract danger, and danger triggers fear.


Happily, there's a silver
lining. Since these numbers also govern transformation and sudden intuitive
insights, a lot of people are waking up to the sinister nature of Big Pharma.


When I see these kinds of
numbers in combination – I take a step back and do my research.


Maybe you've noticed this too
– recently there's been a huge shift from drugs designed for people who are ill
to a whole new class of drugs made for healthy folks.


Supposedly, according to Big
Pharma, people need drugs before they get sick as a protection against illness.
So drugs – in the form of vaccines – are being sold as nutrients. Everyone
needs them to be healthy.


Any parent knows that, from a
moment their baby is born she's considered deficient and given vaccines to
correct this.


This shift in marketing has
allowed Big Pharma to sell their drugs to the whole wide world – not just sick
people. They just have to convince healthy people and their kids to take
vaccines -drugs.


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How they accomplish this is
by using the media to sell a fear of disease – like the current fear over H1N1
swine flu.


And, as the name numbers 12,
13 and 16 show – Fear is the main reason people are getting vaccinated.


I love Zig Ziglar's fantastic
description of FEAR – ‘False Evidence Appearing Real.'


Ah, notice what the numbers
say too –  ‘fear' adds up to 16/7. How


Names – both personal and
otherwise – give major clues, exposing underlying themes and hidden motives.
That goes for fortunate and challenging names.


during these incredibly important times, be sure you and your loved ones are
supported by a highly fortunate name.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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