2011 pic 2.pngAre you wondering how you can capitalize on the changes brought on in 2011?

Well, today I'm going to share a personal story.

It all starts nine years ago in 2002 when my daughter was born. By the time she was three we had moved from Los Angeles to Vermont with the intention of raising her in a more natural, healthy environment.

Fast forward to this year, 2011.

Earlier this year I decided for many reasons to return and live in a large metropolitan area. And am thrilled about it.

You may wonder what changed for me.

I have come to realize, after 9 years of parenting, that it is not the countryside but the parents who set the stage for a child's health and well-being.

As with everything, it's actually very simple. Home is where the heart is.

One lovely new friend encapsulated my own transformation beautifully. The other night she said to me, “You know, my father always told us that everything is actually really simple. But we make it complicated.”

“When it comes to raising kids,” she continued, “he said – all you need to do is PAY ATTENTION.”

“Yes, yes!”, I said enthusiastically. I felt the ecstasy of hearing words that encapsulated the simple truth of what I had learned.

“A good school is important too,” I continued.

My friend replied, “a good parent naturally will pick a good school.”

“Of course!,” I said, ” it's all about paying attention!”

It was one of those special moments.

Now, in order to get to this point… from a new mother who saw the outside world as a possible challenge to her newborn, to a parent who understands – it's all about HOW you respond to your child each and every moment – I had to release my own insecurities and beliefs about being a good mom.

Two words, “Pay Attention.”

Paying attention is what we are all being asked to do this year.

Here's what you have to pay particular attention to.

If you look at the number 2 in 2011, it faces to the Left and also is on the left side of 2011. Left represents the past.

The number 2 also sits on a straight line, bringing balance. 2 allows you to find balance by releasing old beliefs, especially concerning your relationship to yourself, to others and your environment.

Next to the 2 is a zero. Number 0 symbolizes alpha and omega – everything and nothing, the circle of life.

And then we have the master number 11 – Gateway of Truth.

So, in 2011…

Pay close attention to your beliefs and release the ones that no longer serve you. Find balance in your relationships and embrace ALL life has to offer you at this moment in time.

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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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