My friend Rob McNealy sent this question on Twitter to me Monday night:

From a numerology standpoint which name is worst, ‘H1N1', ‘Swine Flu' or ‘Virus Formally Called Swine Flu?'

I took that last one with a grain of salt – that is until the numbers revealed important clues.

Let's look at ‘swine flu' first. After all, that's the name that sticks in people's minds and got the ball rolling in the first place.

‘Swine Flu' adds up to 10/1, the Instant Manifestation number. This is a very, very powerful vibration – because everything can instantly go ‘viral' with a 10 name – no pun intended. I've seen it happen for my clients. And certainly with the swine flu.

Swine flu hysteria was spreading much faster than the actual virus.

Here's how the renaming of the flu in conjunction with important dates affected this virus story.

The renaming to ‘H1N1' and ‘H1N1 Swine Flu' is very revealing. ‘H1N1' adds up to 12/3. In a current name 12 is known as the Victim number. It also indicates an gift for embellishment and creativity.

Certainly many fell ‘victim' to the dire projections by the WHO, who fanned some dramatic flames. Not even during the SARS scare a few years back did the World Health Organization raise the threat level to 5. Just a few days ago WHO announced they were about to go to the highest level – level 6.

Next thing you know, Janet Napolitano declares the flu is no stronger than regular flu.

The other name ‘H1N1 Swine Flu' adds up to 13/4. This is the number of ‘death and rebirth' indicating transformation, release, and fateful events.

Oh, and the name ‘Virus Formally Called Swine Flu' just so happens to add up to 31/4 – mirroring the 13/4 just discussed.

Notice that another important part of this equation is revealed by the World Health Organization itself. The full name adds up to 35/8 – a challenging and fateful number, especially in relationship to other 4s and 8s like ‘H1N1 Swine Flu'. And ‘WHO' is an 18 name, the same number as for FEMA.

Why is this important?

As I explained on Friday, 18 is very challenging number. It warns about danger from the elements, but also indicates achieving wealth and power through the use of divisive tactics such as conflict and social upheaval.

Granted, when WHO and FEMA ramp up their alert level it is precisely those situations they are dealing with.

On the other hand, because their names resonate to 18, they need to be kept in check as well.

Back to the swine flu.

Based on projections by scientists and WHO, ‘the virus may mutate and become virulent next fall and winter'.  So this story could take on new life again in a few months.

Due to all the numbers I've uncovered in relation to the swine flu I will keep an eye on this story and report to you as I uncover more.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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