Britney Spears is having a horrible year. No wonder. She’s battling the number of death.
And I don’t mean physical death. But change from the inside out. Death of your previous life. Many, if not most people, including Britney, respond to the ‘death number’ by escaping through drugs, alcohol, and depression. All are supreme denials of change.
When you are commanded to grow, as everyone is during a 13 personal year, you better let go. Otherwise you will destroy your body and degenerate your spirit.
That is the true meaning of 13. Few people respond to the call for internal change. Hey, not many people want to relinquish their ways. Thing is, there are no halfway tricks when this number appears in your life as it has for Britney in 2007. The good news is, your potential for spiritual and mental regeneration is great, if you heed the call for change.
But so is the great potential for destruction. It’s one or the other. There’s no flirting with number 13.
In 2007, Britney’s life became a series of suspicions and misconceptions. She’s been forced, in front of the prying eyes of the world, to bring an end to her abusive behavior. Her ideas of child rearing, undoubtedly affected by her substance abuse, are abominable. A total motherly disconnect.
This pop star and mother of two toddlers is still out of control. To the point where she’s doing things – like shouting obscenities to reporters on Friday – that do not bode well for her future.
Self control is critical to success. So is the release of negative thoughts and feelings. But for a popstar whose been treated like royalty ever since she was a star on the Mickey Mouse Club, self-control gradually went out the window. Eventually the bubble had to burst, and Britney crashed to the ground.
Her 13 personal year made sure of that.
However, there’s no need to think YOU have to die such a public death as Britney is in the midst of doing right now.
The celebrity bubble doesn’t blind most people. We do have quiet time to ponder and think about our present actions. It’s a natural thing to do. Don’t let arrogance prevent you from self-reflection.
If you do, eventually you’ll be taken to task. You’ll learn the hard way, like Britney, who needs a major internal and external makeover. I’m talking pretty much everyone in her life right now needs to go. They are preventing her from seeing the truth. Even her kids may have to be temporarily protected. What’s useless and negative will be taken away from her this year. If she doesn’t comply to nature’s call soon, Britney will take a long time to recover.
Nature is saying this. Be willing to let go and receive. It’s a natural principle of creation. You can’t have one without the other. It’s instantaneous and the key to freedom.
If and when Britney ever gets her act together, she will be happy to know two things. Her Life Purpose Number 23/5 is extraordinarily fortunate. And her name, Britney Spears, adds up to a number which is truly lucky and a blessing to her life.
She’s got the goods – now she has to get her head re-examined.
You can see from her example how numbers speak to each of us – personally – all the time. Numbers leave you messages, true gifts pointing to how you to obtain and sustain happiness.
If Britney was a member of the Pythagorean Club she could have asked me about her Personal Months every 30 days.
For example, I would have told her back in September that October was a time of dramatic changes, social and family obligations, competition and strange happenings.
I would have told her on the teleseminar two weeks ago that November would be even more dramatic if she doesn’t change her ways. Next month she’s likely to burn the candle at both ends to satisfy her personal desires, sign contracts which will affect her life negatively, and attach herself to people who will mistreat her.
Since she’s not a member of the Club, these warnings will pass her by.
I can’t imagine why anyone would NOT want to know how his or her life is being influenced right now. To learn how to take full advantage of everything you’re being offered.
The Pythagorean Club allows you to do just that. Take a look at all the benefits members receive. Make sure you join today to get details of next month’s call.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Of course, for complete privacy, Britney Spears would choose to get her personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint and Intuitive Counseling Call. It’s the ultimate report and private call on why you’re here, what you’re here to do, and how your future unfolds. Peer into the deepest regions of your soul. Get the report that changes lives.

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