Last night I dropped off Clay at the airport. This morning he's in L.A. recording the soundtrack for the new ‘Star Trek' movie.

The Emmy Awards began airing in Hollywood while I was winding my way back home through the beautiful Arizona countryside. As you know, I'm not a big tv watcher, so after bringing Claire to school this morning, I checked out the winners.

A couple of great story-lines caught my eye.

Comedian Tina Fey won for both best actress and best writer in a comedy series. Her show '30 Rock' also won the Emmy for best comedy show. All together her creation garnered 7 awards. So I was curious about her current cycles. I knew a major part of her Personal Numerology Blueprint must be activated right now.

Turns out she is in a 24/6 Personal Year. And since we're in September, her Personal Year number is magnified. Every September your Personal Year Number is doubled up. Tina is in a 33/6 Personal Month – so she has a Double 6 all month long.

Why is this important. Because Tina Fey's Destiny Number is Also a 6. Your Destiny is about your career. So this is the big year for her life's passion to be in the spotlight.

Additionally, the name for her show '30 Rock' helped matters. ‘Rock' adds up to the Media Number, '14/5.' When you include 30 in that equation, the total amounts to the Immortality Number, 17/8. An outstanding title for a show.

By the way, ‘Mad Men' which won best Drama, is ALSO a 14/5 Media Number name.

See how these current names work. Not just for your current name, but also for business names, movies, tv shows, websites, products, entities like the New York Stock Exchange – just about anything with a name carries a vibration which is helpful, fateful or just plain challenging.

As for the Emmys, I was interested to see that HBO's ‘John Adams' picked up the most wins ever. 13 to be precise. Now that number in particular got my attention.

As you'll soon read in my book, ‘The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success', President John Adams has incredible ties to the blueprint of the U.S. His name ‘John Adams' is a 13/4 and his Destiny is a 31/4 and both mirror America's July 4 birthday. John Adams also died on July 4, 1826 – a significant date in itself.

So it's amazing to see his personal numbers in action at the 2008 Emmy Awards. After all, the series was named for him and chronicles his fateful and crucial role as founding father and 2nd President.

Your numbers leave behind a legacy, so imagine how pivotal a role your personal numbers are playing while you are alive and well.

Do you know your blueprint is active whether you're aware of it or not.

And do you know that you can change one of those numbers if necessary. It's the one connected to your current name.

More than 86 percent of my clients have names needing some tweaking – usually a slightly different spelling. Chances are you do to.

What does a good name do. It helps you fulfill your Destiny with far more ease. It attracts the abundance necessary to bring you peace of mind. A fortunate name supports you and your goals.

The flipside is to stay with a name which creates unnecessary obstacles, delays and challenges

So make sure your current name lines up with your goals.

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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