I’m flying home from Arizona today. And woke up to the news about Barbara Walters.
Walters turns 80 next year. Hard to imagine. Today the world has found out about an affair she had with a U.S. Senator back in the 1970s.
In an minute I’ll tell you why the news broke today. First, more about Barbara.
Walters has a fascinating blueprint. Her numbers show how she was able to reach the heights of TV news journalism, becoming the first woman to anchor the evening news on ABC.
Her Life Purpose is a Master Number, 38/11. This is a number that requires a lot from her. It gives her immense courage, power and talent with strong feelings of leadership. Fame is likely with this vibration. 38/11 makes her hugely magnetic.
38 is a number of empowering others. By doing so Walters triggers the law of attraction and has received great abundance in return. Her life is filled with excitement, creativity and joy.
It’s no surprise Madonna has the same Life Purpose. So did Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. And the great writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Walters has an interesting Destiny. It gives her great stamina and endurance.
In order to achieve her amount of success and remain at the top for so long, she needed much self-assurance. Her Destiny is all about persistence, efficiency, ambition, justice, effectiveness, logic and discipline.
With this number, Barbara wants to see and prove everything for herself – and will only take a risk once she’s assured she can win.
She is serene, stable and NOT too demonstrative with her feelings. She may feel repressed and, although she’s are aware of this, it’s challenging for her to do anything about it, since it also may be difficult for her to fully relax and allow her intuition and feelings free reign.
Her Destiny can be referred to as the ‘workaholic number.’ Walters is very diligent to the point of, when she’s not working, she’s restless and even feels guilty. It’s obvious she has remained active all her life, both intellectually and physically.
People who have her Destiny would do well to lighten up and have more fun.
One thing she certainly enjoys is displaying the good life she’s attained – her home will most definitely have fine furnishings. Her life is an example of what good things can happen when you’re diligent and keep persevering.
Why is her memoir being released this year. Why does she feel the need to talk about her affair with Senator Edward Brooke.
Walters is in a year of endings and tying up all loose ends. It’s a time for letting go of the past and making sure she’s ‘cleaned up house’ on every level possible. So, talking about her past this year is a way of releasing any guilt or stagnant feelings she is holding inside.
It’s also not a coincidence the news broke today, and that her interview with Oprah airs on May 6.
Today is May 2. Walter’s Life Purpose is an 11 which breaks down to 2. And May 6 is an 11 Personal Day for Barbara. So it ties right into her blueprint as well.
I’m sure you’re wondering about her name ‘Barbara Walters.’
No surprises here – it adds up to a fabulous number, 17/8. The ancient Chaldeans referred to it as the ‘Immortality Number.’ When Mark Twain changed his number from Samuel Clemens, he got the same number. Look at what happened to his books.
It’s good too, because Barbara is born on the 25th, a day that gives her a rare quality of learning from past mistakes – but doesn’t bring financial success.
Her name makes up for that in droves.
It’s always exciting to see the incredible results people have with highly fortunate names. Your name is a barometer. It will either support and speed up your destiny by removing most obstacles – or slow you down with extra burdens and challenges.
This is why I recommend the first thing you do is to make sure your name is a good one. And to use it exclusively.
Two ways to do that. Your Personal Numerology Blueprint includes the report on your current name. As well as your Life Purpose, Destiny, Soul, Personality Numbers and a lot more.
The Is My Name Fortunate? report looks at your current name.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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