Back in February, while Clay was in L.A. performing on the soundtracks for two major movies, I did something unusual.
I needed a break and sat down to channel surf. Came across ‘American Idol’ auditions and tuned in just as a young teen singer named David Archuleta started to sing. I was immediately taken by his gift. Not just as a singer – he’s truly a genius – but his humility and infectious joy.
Archuleta didn’t seem trained and robotic like so many other singers we see today, who are carbon copies of – someone else. This youngster is authentic, unspoiled and truly remarkable to watch.
After he was done singing, he appeared both shy and amazed.
The combination of his great musical gift with his childlike innocence is a rarity. Especially when it comes to TV.
I was so blown away, I did two things. When the next contestant began to sing, I switched off the television. Then I calculated Archuleta’s name and numbers. Wasn’t surprised with what I found.
David’s Life Purpose is the powerful 32/5 – a magnetic and magical number of protection. It indicates help from others, a charming personality and tremendous confidence. Though the confidence part may not have been apparent to some – David has, what I would call quiet confidence. An inner feeling that transcends arrogance and grand-standing.
The keyword for number 5 is freedom. Free reign to accomplish wonders. He easily adapts to new situations – a critical factor for American Idol, where contestants are subjected to learning new songs, wearing new clothing and adapting to different environments 24/7.
What makes his blueprint even more interesting is the addition of his Destiny Number. It makes him artistic and a lover of harmony and beauty. It also makes him highly creative and very compassionate of others.
When I was watching Archuleta perform, I remember the warmth and love coming from his eyes.
Now here’s why he’s doing so well in 2008.
David is in a 23/5 Personal Year. First, notice the direct connection to his Life Purpose Number 32/5. Any time your Personal Year lines up with one of the major numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint, it’s time for major change, growth – and advancement.
John McCain is another example of someone whose Personal Year lines up with his Life Purpose Number in 2008.
When you’re as talented as David Archuleta is, that advancement can come rapidly. Consider, a 5 Personal Year indicates sudden change, adventure and new opportunities. And the 23 is all about signing contracts that could change your life, traveling to fulfill the obligations of your agreements, inheriting a good sum of cash, and the same protection his 32/5 Life Purpose gives him. It couldn’t be a better year for him.
Now you get an idea why he may very well be the youngest ever winner of American Idol. David recently turned 17.
But I haven’t looked at the enabling factor – his current name.
Current names either enable and help you fulfill your Destiny and Life Purpose – or throw obstacles in your path.
‘David Archuleta’ adds up to a very fortunate number. No surprise there. It is the vibration of ‘Instant Manifestation.’ When someone has this name number and applies discipline and compassion to their life – the name will work miracles for him.
Like David, YOU also have a current name. You also have Destiny and Life Purpose Numbers. Discover what they mean for your life by reading your Personal Numerology Blueprint Personal Numerology Blueprint.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. You might be wondering if I’m going to start watching American Idol now. No. But I will keep an eye out for Archuleta. Tonight, members of the Inner Circle and I meet at 8pm EST when I’m going to reveal my Person-of-the-Month and answer their questions. To participate, join Now.

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