Today the numerology and astrology combine to create a very potent energy.

On this U.S. Election Day, expect the unexpected. There is an amazing code triggered in the numbers today – it will affect the election, but most of all, here is how it will affect YOU.

First, of course, 2012 is a 5 Universal Year.

Secondly, today’s date 11.6.2012 adds up to 13.

Thirdly, in a few hours, just as most of the polls are closing, Mercury goes retrograde.

See my November Forecast video for more on this amazing lineup and how it influences us all month long:

Both the numbers 5 and 13 usher in sudden shifts, transformation, change and letting go of past beliefs.

Most importantly, today’s date activates a very important code:

It is November 6.

Today adds up to a 13/4 Universal Date.

Why is this so important? Because NEXTyear is 2013, the 13th year of our century. And 2013 will be a 6 Universal Year.

What that means is, on election day here in the U.S. the two important numbers for NEXT year are activated. This is especially notable since it directly follows the Big Shift on 12.21.2012.

So… be prepared to see truths you’ve never seen before (or ever wanted to see before).

This date tells us that our perception of reality is going to be radically different over the days and months and years to come.

We are going to be asked to step up and break through many locked up, deeply buried fears and emotions that have been holding us back for a long time.

Furthermore, today’s 6th and next year’s 6 Universal Year activate the Law of Abundance, so we are especially going to be confronted about our ideas and feelings on wealth and prosperity.

Where does your financial worth come from? One place.

Your self worth.

However, many people’s s self worth is low. Why is that?

Due to conflicting beliefs that cause confusion.

For example, many of us carry around a belief that money is bad. And that people with money are greedy. That money corrupts.

At the same time we believe that the Divine Creator is good.

What do these two beliefs create in us?

Complete confusion about Abundance!

These two ideas mean that God is good and money is not good – so the divine and abundance cannot work together. Can you see how holding these conflicting beliefs at any one time will never allow you to make good money doing something you love — something ‘good’, something passionate and uplifting?

Because deep down tucked away in your subconscious you feel that creating unlimited abundance would go against one of your core beliefs.

Since we are such creative beings, we’ve figured out a way to make these two conflicting beliefs “work” together. We think that anything good should be given freely or cheaply.

This creates a love-hate relationship to abundance.

We love the wonderful freedom money brings, yet we call wealthy people ‘filthy rich,’ setting up a totally inharmonious mind pattern that keeps you stuck and paralyzed about your finances.

Subsequently, you project the following thought:

If you choose to do what you love most, your Soul’s highest calling, you should get the lowest pay.

Everything you do, say and feel is based on this false belief.

So… if today is about anything, make it about YOU – not the election. Make today about YOUR shift, your understanding that you are the master of your self-created universe.

Then what happens on the outside will not matter. Because you are whole, you are worthy and you are in tune with your soul’s highest calling.

Celebrate your inner shift by tapping into your own personal Abundance code.

I have created the brand new Abundance Blueprint — your personal map to clearing the poverty-conscious cobwebs in your life, so you can finally claim your rightful abundant place in the universe and thrive.

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Here’s to unlocking your inner abundance!

Abundance and Love,


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