Why June 11 is a Game-Changer

Posted on June 11th, 2012.

A heads-up on today’s powerful numbers code.

June 11, 2012 is an 11 Day in an 11 Universal Month in a 5 Universal Year.


Risk ALL today for a unprecedented moment in an unprecedented year.

11 is the thrilling number of creation, recreation and new beginnings. Two 11s bring tremendous in-sights (welcome and unwelcome) about how your choices will impact your future. At the same time, 11 takes you inside that sacred place of knowing – knowing YOU only you create your reality. Period.

With the 5 Pivot Point number in force all year, the emphasis is on exhilarating change, freedom, and decisions – magnifying today's potential to shift.

And just spice it up even more…

When you add up the single digits for today's date:

6+1+1+2+0+1+2 equals the sum of 13.
13 symbolizes life/death/rebirth and sudden transformation.

Message for today:

Break through your self-imposed limitations and notice that whatever you fear most – you must GO for!

If you're feeling divided, separate, incomplete, fearful – it's the shadow side nudging you. What helps most in this case is action. Procrastination will only lead to more confusion. Make a point to MOVE – in any direction.

It is the movement that will allow you to experience.

It is the experience that will allow you to remember.

It is the in remembering that you become responsible for your life.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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4 Responses to “Why June 11 is a Game-Changer”

  1. Pam Walls Ervin says:

    Hello Tania, I’ve always thought that my birthday had special meaning, it’s 7/11/56. Since 56 equals 11 and I’ll be 56 this year does any of this mean anything. I know that this is how you make a living and you don’t give free advice but could you please make an exception just this one time. I promise you that if I get enough to ever afford you I will gladly pay you.

    Thanks, Pam Walls Ervin

  2. a says:

    hello tania gabrielle and thanks for all your videos and blog posts they are really informative and you deliver it very well
    I just wanted to ask when does someone is considered to have a prominent 3 in their birth date?
    Does having born on the 13th count , i don’t have any other 3 in my date.

    thank you

    • Tania Tania says:

      Any 3s in your birth name letters, birthday numbers or astrological birth chart count – the degree of which depends on where the 3 is and what part of your blueprint it effects. I teach all of this in my Numerology Academy program! – Tania

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