On Tuesday our daughter Clara had her first day ever of school. She’s been asking some deep questions lately.
“How far and big is infinite?” was one of her questions.
“Is infinity past the sky and stars?,” was another. I explained the unending feeling of infinity as best I could. Then I showed her the figure for infinity – the number 8 on its side. I began drawing an 8 so she could see it’s the only number you can draw repeatedly without lifting your pen.
This never-ending quality shows, in a nutshell, why the number 8 is a very powerful vibration.
There’s a good reason eight is called the Executive and the Judge. Many successful business people, musicians, and politicians have created abundance and fame with the influence of the 8. Eight represents eternity, continual energy and stamina, which is why many great athletes have a prominent 8 in their personal blueprint.
8 also refers to money, because money is spiritual energy. You may feel like you don’t have enough, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Money is not finite, but infinite, just like energy.
When your full name at birth resonates to an 8, you have inborn skills for managing and organizing. By developing these skills you become an authority in your field. If you don’t develop these skills, you lead a life of frustration.
I think that’s why number 8 is sometimes thought of as difficult.
With an 8 in your blueprint, you will be asked, in no uncertain terms, to apply yourself in your chosen profession. You will be challenged to take the reigns and be the master of your fate – including creating a flow of abundance, which meets your spiritual and material needs. If you don’t step up to the plate, your life will feel tied in knots.
Not everyone with an 8 in their blueprint is willing to take advantage of the power inherent in this number. Few people are willing to really step up to the plate. To utilize the full extent of their talents. But when they do, success under this vibration IS guaranteed. 8 is the number of winners.
Place the 8 on its side. See how it is a picture of the balances ?. This means 8 has good judgment and a lot of common sense.
If you have a prominent 8 in your blueprint, you can easily make your ideas practical. The 8 gives you excellent abilities as an executive and entrepreneur.
So be grateful if you have an 8. More importantly, KNOW what your personal numbers are and ACT on their energy. Your life be transformed in infinite way. Order your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint Now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Everyone experiences the 8 energy in some way. You may have letters in your name, which resonate to 8. You may be in an 8 personal year right now. Or the 8 may be a ‘hidden number’ in your blueprint as in 48/3. Each and every number in your blueprint, no matter where its placement, will be active in your life. Your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint tells a compelling personal story of who you are and what you’re here to do.

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