After Clay dislocated his shoulder on Tuesday, I didn’t pay attention to the news for a couple of days. Yesterday after dinner I caught up.
It was hard not to notice all the furor surrounding Bush White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s scathing new book. I became intrigued. So I looked up his numbers.
Turns out there’s a very good reason McClellan is releasing his book this year.
First, he’s born on the 14th, the ‘Media Number,’ assuring he will have plenty of contact with some form of media during his life. His former job as White House Press Secretary surely filled the bill. As does his new-found fame as an author.
McClellan’s Destiny Number is 44/8. As a double digit Master Number, it will demand more of him. He certainly understands how to work, since 4 symbolizes work, discipline and perseverance. He would have conformed to the demands of his position and made the best of it.
This number also makes him cautious – he plans his actions well in advance. 44 gives him a great will to face adversity as well as resources to overcome obstacles.
4s love order and stability. And two 4s add up to 8, the number of power and abundance. However, 4 and 8 are considered the fateful numbers.
Then I realized McClellan’s Life Purpose Number is 31/4. A fateful number too. Not only that, it ties in with the United States, as well as this year’s November 4 election. I reveal more about this connection in my forthcoming book.
So why now. Amazingly, Scott McClellan is in a 17/8 Personal Year in 2008. His Personal Year is the same as his Destiny Number, so things are bound to happen fast. When that number happens to reduce to 8, events happen BIG and fast.
In fact, for McClellan it’s a double-edged sword. 17/8 Years often bring great rewards, travel, and fortune. Much assistance is given. However, when you have 4s and or 8s prominently placed in your blueprint, your ‘fortunes’ can also create challenges.
No matter what, he is very persuasive now. His words, both written and spoken, can have a profound effect. The 17/8 will assure that.
Seeing McClellan’s numbers in action right now is another reminder at how straightforward and powerful numerology is.
May you benefit from this incredible ancient knowledge as well. Invest in one of the most important documents of your life, your Personal Numerology Blueprint now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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