Well, there you have it. He didn’t hold his tongue. I pretty much predicted that would happen in Monday’s newsletter.
I’m talking about the President of Iran. Who told Columbia University students in no uncertain terms that, ‘In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country.’
Okay, so what planet is he from. And, if he really believes the hatred he’s spewing out to millions, no, billions of people around the planet – doesn’t he have ANY ounce of self-discipline before he speakes. Obviously not.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is one of the extreme examples of how the number 10 should not be used. He lucked out with a name that resonates to a 10 – but his luck is running out, due to blatant misuse of a powerful energy. Like I said on Monday, ‘What I see with the 10, is you’ve got to watch your tongue.’ Otherwise this fortunate vibration will result in intense hatred -directed at you. There will be no love lost, as we are seeing already.
I say President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lucked out with a 10 name, because his day of birth number is a 28. More on that in a minute.
It so happens, that if you’re president of a large country, your tongue is your most powerful asset. Many political leaders have abused their power with words, but few will make whole groups and cultures and sexes – gays, Jews and women – feel like their worthless and unwanted. Few will lie about recent history, saying the holocaust every happened.
The lack of self-discipline can be exhibited in different ways – like it did with another President who has a 10 name, Bill Clinton.
When Monica and Bill had their five-month fling in the Oval Office, Clinton definitely was playing with fire, not discipline, like the 10 demands. And look what happened. His political career ended in a fizzle, and some people still hate the guy.
I’m not one of them, mostly because I find that hating others turns that negative feeling back onto me. But, I certainly don’t respect the man. I can’t, he lied and didn’t watch his tongue.
So what about that number 28. I was talking to a close friend yesterday evening, and he mentioned he didn’t want any of his kids to be born on April 20 or 28, because those are the birthdays of Hitler and Saddam Hussein respectively.
My ears perked up.
‘I just wrote about another crazily outspoken president,’ I told him. ‘And now you’re telling me Saddam was also born on a 28 day.’
‘Sure thing,’ he replied.
OK, so you might be thinking of all the people YOU know who are born on the 28th of every month. But remember, this is only PART of the equation.
If your birth number has a negative vibration, no problem. Just be sure the name you’re using NOW adds up to a highly positive number. That’s really all there’s to it.
A great name is like a bright light of truth and justice. Whatever darkness may be present in your day of birth number, is transmuted, when you use a good name. It’s all about balance.
Now you can see why it’s so important to know the numbers in your personal numerology blueprint. Without this knowledge you may be steering a rudderless ship, and NOT REALIZE IT. That’s tantamount to choosing a challenging life – and I say choosing, because you have a CHOICE about your name. You can change it by spelling it differently or adding a letter. There is no reason for you to suffer.
This is why ‘knowledge is power.’
Your numbers will be with you for a lifetime, if not longer – as you know from what I’ve told you about names that live on forever. Like Mark Twain’s.
Why not make sure you have the best vibrations to support your goals, your dreams, and your future. Don’t delay. Get your personal Numerology Blueprint today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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