I overheard this morning that singer John Mayer is upset at former girlfriend and singer Taylor Swift for writing a scathing song about their short romance.

He told Rolling Stones magazine as much, stating that he “was really humiliated” when he heard Swift’s song “Dear John” in 2010.

I have two pieces of advice for John Mayer.

1. Take the high road and keep personal matters private, unless you are able to share what you learned about the journey.

2. Take a look at your current name.

“John Mayer” adds up to a very challenging number – in this case 13/4.

You might find this hard to believe, but a challenging name can actually encourage you to act in a way that can hurt you. The internal confusion resulting from your difficult name vibration can literally dilute your ability to think clearly when under pressure. Self-reflection goes out the window and your actions cause you and others unnecessary pain…

As it happens, both John Mayer and Taylor Swift have challenging names.

With ‘Taylor Swift’ the spelling adds up to 31 – a mirror reversal of Mayer’s 13. These two numbers trigger each other when combined in any way…

Always remember that your personal current name sets the stage for how easily (or not) your life will unfold.

If you are carrying around a challenging name you’ll feel the effects internally and externally. You tend to not see issues clearly, often blowing them out of proportion while external obstacles and distractions keep finding their way into your life. As a result, you often feel out of balance.

In 2012 it is imperative that you check your current name.

2012 is the Big Shift year, so having a fortunate name could easily help determine whether you DO leverage this amazing opportunity to grow and reach unprecedented levels of happiness and success – or struggle and reject the invitation to transform because you just don’t feel up to it.

Since all our beliefs and actions are being placed out in the open this year, it is imperative that you approach your life with clarity, optimism and empowerment.

Your current name is the name you have chosen to use right now. It is your soul’s spiritual calling card. The number your name adds up to emits a powerful vibration that affects you day after day, year after year.

Make sure your name is fortunate. Especially now.

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Blessings and Love,


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