Today CNN reports that AIG paid 73 its executives bonuses of more than $1 million.

Then 11 of these executives left the company. The largest bonus was $6.4 million and seven more people received more than $4 million each.

Obviously these banksters have no shame. American tax payers are outraged, and rightly so. Now Congress, who approved the bailouts in the first place back in October, feels pressured to ‘do something about it.'

As if that will get us closer to the real cause – utter corruption and insane greed which is clandestinely supported by many of the same people who created the oversight organizations – like Madoff's SEC.

AIG is a 5 current name, forecasting great salesmanship, risks and possible recklessness. It's one reason why 5 is a prominent number amongst successful gamblers.

Even more telling is the name number for ‘American International Group'. It adds up to 38/11.

38/11 names are incredibly challenging. They indicate a likelihood of trials and tribulations. Life is usually filled with uncertainties, unexpected dangers and untrustworthy advice. Notice too that precisely 11 executive left their jobs after receiving their bonuses.

I would never have recommended this name number to anyone – person or business. Because, sooner or later, the challenges will catch up with you.

When you combine AIG's number 5 name favoring risk and salesmanship with its official name – ‘American International Group' – an extremely difficult foundation results. Obviously this numbers' combo has undermined AIG's business approach for decades.

It's precisely why – if you do only one thing – you want to make SURE your name is not sabotaging your plans.

A fortunate current name is one of the crucial ingredients to success.

Say good riddance to unnecessary road blocks now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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