While doing some research on brand names yesterday I came across an interesting fact. The number 1 brand names on most lists is a soft-drink, Coca-Cola.

So I looked at other brands. And found an amazing fact. In nearly every category the top brand has a highly fortunate name.

The top global car-maker is Toyota followed by Mercedes Benz. Both have great name numbers.

The top internet service is Google.

Disney holds the top spot in the Media brand category.

Top apparel brand is H.M. from Sweden.

UPS is the number transportation service.

Gillette is the number 1 personal care brand.

Each of these brand names has a name whose number is greatly assisting them in keeping their high number 1 ranking.

Interestingly Google, Gilette and Marlboro, the top tobacco brand, share the same name number, 28/10/1. The 28 shows a possibility of immense success. At the same time, these companies may have powerful opposition as well.

Notice the 28 reduces to 10/1, the ‘Instant Manifestation' number. It happens to be the name number for the top global brand, Coca Cola.

Disney, the number 1 media brand, has a 19/10/1 name – also tying into the 10.

ALL the other brands holding the number 1 categories above have fantastic name numbers.

It's much easier to maintain a flow and generate abundance when there are no unnecessary distractions and obstructions. And that's why a good name is so important to success. You can focus on the positive and don't have to worry about putting out fires.

Like Halliburton and Siemens. Two brand names which are in major trouble and have to pay hundreds of millions in fines.

Lehman Brothers, which folded in September has a challenging name as well. Even the name ‘Lehman Brothers Holdings' is not a number I'd ever recommend. In fact, it adds up to the same 12/3 as Halliburton does.

As you hear and see news about the economy, you can take important steps to eliminate needless obstacles in your life.

Ensure YOUR current name is helping you attract abundance, supporting your goals and bringing you peace of mind. Get the ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report here.

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Tania Gabrielle

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