Letterman has been on the front pages in the last few days for an extortion
attempt by CBS journalist Joe Halderman.


Having written about David Letterman's outburst
against Sarah Palin's young daughter in June, I was already familiar with his
name and numbers. Needless to say, I'm not surprised by the latest incident on
this famous talk show host's life.


Additionally, there are several reasons for this
story to break in 2009.


One is that David Letterman is in an 18/9
Personal Year right now. This ending cycle means he has to confront and let go
of his past. Number 9 cycles are times of cleansing and culmination. Putting
your life in order is key.


For Letterman this cleansing takes on additional
meaning when you consider his Personal Numerology Blueprint.


David's 10/1 Destiny and Life Purpose guarantee
his monologues are unique, original and super creative. His Double 1 also means
that next year, a Personal Year of 1, is a major cycle for Letterman – one that
could define his career, now that Jay Leno is no longer with the Tonight Show.


But there are other numbers active as well.


Letterman was born on a 12 Day. 12 reduces to 3,
so this Day of Birth gives him great talents as a performer since 3 is the
vibration of self expression. Obviously, talking is his talent.


But 12 is also known as the ‘Victim Number.' At
certain times in his life he may be victimized and/or become the victimizer


Keep in mind Letterman is in a 9 Personal Year
right now. And last month was a 9 Personal Month for him. So his 12/3 was
doubly activated during this extortion attempt. This is because numbers 3-6-9
are in the same trilogy and his 9 cycles are activating his 12/3 Day of Birth.


Now, a fortunate current name would have helped
Letterman transcend the negative potential of the 12/3 and instead help him
focus on what is positive about this number.


Yet ‘David Letterman' adds up to 13/4.


It's interesting to me as a numerologist to see
this number. On the one hand it indicates genius. 13 is an ‘out-of-the-box',
politically incorrect, highly original number. Lightning flashes of genius are


13/4 is also associated with power, which may
not be used for selfish reasons – otherwise it will bring destruction.
Letterman, chairman of his company ‘Worldwide Pants' is obviously powerful.
Especially to his employees.


In case you're wondering, ‘Worldwide Pants' adds
up to a perfect number for Letterman – the Media Number 14. He couldn't have
picked a better name for his business.


But back to his OWN current name. The 13 that
‘David Letterman' adds up to means he'll be dealing with the unknown and
unexpected. That is certainly the case with this latest incident. Of course,
Letterman thrives on being a conduit of the unexpected in his monologues and
with guests.


What he has to understand is this. The combination
of a 12 Day of Birth and 13 current name ALSO brings challenges which could be
eliminated with a fortunate name number.


As for Joe Halderman, the producer and
journalist who attempted to extort Letterman – let's just say, his name hasn't
helped his current predicament.


‘Joe Halderman' adds up to 43/7 – not good. He can
get to the top with this number, only to be suddenly toppled. 43 indicates
strife and conflict as well as tremendous disappointment in life.


Clearly you can reach great visible success with
a challenging current name. At the same time, you are always at the risk of
facing scandal, personal disappointment, inner conflict or sudden reversals of


On the other hand, a Fortunate current name will
allow you to transcend all obstacles with grace and ease.


Plus it attracts fortunate events and assistance
without any baggage attached.


So be sure you and your loved ones all have
current names that add up to fortunate numbers.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Or get the Fortunate Name report as a gift with your
Personal Numerology Blueprint‘.

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