As I was watching the Inauguration of President Obama yesterday, I heard about the delay in Hillary Clinton's confirmation.

I discovered some fascinating numbers behind the delay.

First I want to congratulate President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Sasha and Malia – our new first family. I wish the best for the four of them as they embark on their new lives.

He stepped into the Oval Office for the first time at 8:35am, which reduces to 16/7. The same number as Election Day. It also ties directly into his new name ‘President Obama', a 52/7 name.

Now to Hillary Clinton. At this moment the Senate is considering her nomination for Secretary of State. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, objected to the confirmation yesterday, preventing the Senate from voting by unanimous consent. So today the Senate is holding a roll call vote on Clinton's nomination.

Two things jumped out at me. Today, the day she will get confirmed, is the 21st – a wonderful number for Hillary. Her Life Purpose is a 3, her Soul Number is a 3 and her Personality is a 3.

3 is the most important number in her Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Furthermore, her Destiny number is a 6. And 3-6-9 form a trilogy. Wouldn't you know it but today is also 6 Personal Day for Hillary.

This means her Destiny is being activated on a perfect day for her.

As for the delay, she's in a Personal Year of 20/2. 2 cycles can cause delays, so I always tell my clients to be patient.

Interestingly 2 also means she'll be communicating and creating new relationships – it is the number of the diplomat. Again a good fit for her new role as Secretary of State, the premier foreign policy position.

Finally, I have to go back to Hillary Clinton's current name, a 44/8.

Along with the power and abundance signified by number 8, this is a name number that causes challenges. Overcoming obstacles is not a foreign concept to her.

If Clinton took out just one of the Ls in Hilary, her name would add up to 41/5, one of the most fortunate numbers anyone could have.

It's why I always say, if you do only ONE thing, be sure your current name is fortunate.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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