It's a beautiful Sunday here in the high desert of Arizona. After a good night's rest I sat down with Hurricane Ike's name and numbers.

The bottom line –  Ike has the potential to be very dangerous. Already, this storm has devastated parts of the Caribbean.

To illustrate why, I'm going to look at two names – ‘Ike' as well as ‘Hurricane Ike' first. Remember, it's the recipe of numbers that tells the story.

What's very important in this equation is that “Ike” has an 8 Current Name for which I use the Chaldean system. This gives the storm power, longevity and strength. Additionally, 8 is a number of fate and destiny which means the hurricane has a fateful quality.

4 and 8 are the numbers of fate and destiny. A plain 8 is fierce storm – it will hit areas which have already suffered from previous hurricanes. That is part of its ‘fateful' nature.

Ike's Destiny Number is 16/7. Not the best sign.

16 carries heightens the probability of destruction because it's a number signifying sudden events. When it comes to dates and weather patterns, 16 events have a distinct quality of ‘falling from a high place' – meaning you, a country or location will experience a sudden fall as a result of coming in contact with the storm.

Now let's look at the current name ‘Hurricane Ike.' It add up to 11/2 – a master number. This gives the storm ‘mastery' over the elements as well as a possibility of creating division – either from emergency supplies, communication disruptions or divided communities.

Look at when our elections take place. In the 11th month of November. The 11 shows how divided the country feels during that time.

The Destiny Number for ‘Hurricane Ike' is 68/14/5. 14 is the media number – meaning major coverage on TV and radio. 5 also covers crowds of people, so many people and countries will be affected by Hurricane Ike.

On September 4 something remarkable happened with Ike.

A big burst of intensification took Ike from tropical storm to a Category 4 hurricane in only 12 hours. Notice the date, the 4th and the category 4. They add up to 8, which is the fateful number reflected in Ike's current name.

From what I was able to dig up on the birth of Ike, it was initially named 97L. Located first as a large circulation near 18N, 39W and 800 hundred miles west of the Cape Verde Islands.

All these numbers are also indications.

Of course 97 reduces to 16/7 – the same as Ike's Destiny Number. The other numbers, namely 18, 39 which reduces to 12 – the ‘Victim Number' – and 800/8 don't help matters either.

Finally, ‘Katrina' had a 16/7 name and an 11 Destiny Number. So it mirrors some important numbers with ‘Ike.' Does that mean Ike will pinpoint the same area. Possibly. What's definite is that the similarities in numbers point to a very dangerous hurricane no matter where it ends up making landfall.

If you live anywhere in the Gulf I suggest you make plans so you can leave quickly and safely later this week, if necessary.

As for a date of impact in the U.S. – keep September 12 in mind.

That's the latest numerology weather report.

Your name also strengthens or weakens the numbers in your blueprint. For this reason alone, make your current name fortunate now – you will never regret it.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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