I know about Jennifer Hudson because of her Oscar-winning performance for ‘Dreamgirls.'

There's a reason why Jennifer Hudson was able to rise to the top of her game so quickly, both in her hometown of Chicago and on TV and movies in Los Angeles.

In a moment I'll show you how the city and home you live in affects your life and career.

First I want to look at the tragic deaths of her mom and brother on October 24.

Jennifer is in a 4 Personal Year right now. Her Life Purpose, one of the three important numbers you are born with, is 31/4. This vibration is also referred to as the ‘Genius Number' and shows her amazing gifts as both singer and actress. She's born on a 12/3 Day indicating she loves to express herself on stage.

Back to 2008. When you double up a 4, as she is this year, there's a possibility of some fateful events during that cycle.  Since Hudson's current name is a powerful single 8, that possibility is even stronger.

Speaking of current names, Jennifer's mom was called ‘Darnell Donerson' at the time of her untimely death. This is a very challenging 16/7 name because 16 indicates a sudden fall from a high place. It's the same number both Lincoln – who was also the 16th President – and Senator John Edwards have.

Jennifer's brother, Jason Hudson, had an 11 current name. Again this is a challenging number to carry around with you.

I don't know anything about their birthdays or birth names, so based on their current names alone, these two were not as protected as someone with a fortunate name number.

Now for some good news.

Jennifer Hudson's Destiny Number is 82/10/1. A 1 Destiny usually indicates ambition, originality and leadership.

Consider that in 2005 when she first rose to fame on American Idol, Hudson was in a 1 Personal Year, activating her Destiny fully for that cycle.

But there's more to why Hudson's career has continued to soar in Los Angeles.

Both ‘Chicago' and ‘Los Angeles' add up to 1 in the Pythagorean system I use to check your city's compatibility with you.

You've probably guessed by now that these two cities are fabulous places for Jennifer Hudson's career. They resonate in Total Harmony with her Destiny Number. One sign of proof is that her Academy Award win came for the very first role she ever played in a movie.

So Jennifer has been blessed living in a 1 city  that's in Total Harmony with her Destiny.

Living in both Los Angeles and Chicago allowed Jennifer to develop her gifts to the fullest extent possible AND get recognized for them.

As you can see, the city you live in is more important than you may realize.

The number of your address plays an important role as well. Pamela Anderson lives in an 11 home and will always feel divided and torn in different directions.

Aaron Spelling lived in an 18/9 home. He certainly attracted wealth there – 9 is a number of abundance – however the 18 shows why there were so many bitter family quarrels.

Ryan Seacrest, another American Idol story, has risen to dramatic fame. He lives in a 19/1 home showing a wonderfully fortunate number.

You too can check whether your city is compatible with your career by getting your Am I Living in the Right City? report.

For a short time I'll include the ‘What About My Home Address?' report as a gift.

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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