Why Michael Jackson Wants To Perform Again

Posted on March 5th, 2009.

Do you ever notice how some months or years are fast paced and others move more slowly.

Michael Jackson is a good example of someone who is being affected by his current Personal Year Number. Last year, Jackson had a slew of problems, including major health issues.

It was an important year for him. He's born on the 29th, and 2008 was a 29/11 cycle. Not only was his blueprint activated, he was confronted with the Truth of his situation – financially and health-wise. He sold his Neverland Ranch and spent most of his time living in Bahrain.

So what does he have going for him THIS year.

A lot. Michael Jackson is experiencing a very different 30/3 cycle in 2009. 3 is the number of self-expression – creativity, uplifting others and performing.

When Jackson released ‘Thriller' in 1982 – the bestselling album of all time – he was also in a 3 Personal Year. That is definitely no coincidence. Interestingly, the Destiny Number for ‘Thriller' happens to be 3 as well.

So why is the announcement of his comeback coming this month.

Because March is a 33/6 Personal Month for the reclusive star. Michael's Life Purpose and Soul Numbers are both 6 – so this month in particular is a strong one for him. Also number 6 covers abundance, home, family and health.

Speaking of which, I just heard that actor/comedian Robin Williams was admitted to a Miami hospital and has cancelled all his Florida engagements.

Robin Williams is in a 21/3 Personal Year right now. For him the number 3 is particularly significant.


Williams was born on the 21st. He ALSO has a 3 Destiny Number. AND his name ‘Robin Williams' adds up to 30/3. So three of his four most important blueprint numbers are being activated all at once this year.

I often get asked how the number of your current age fits into the equation. It does have an effect. For example, Robin Williams is 57 years old – 57 reduces to 12/3.

Bigger yearly cycles can be broken down into 12 mini Personal Month cycles.

Just like for Michael Jackson, March is a 6 Personal Month for Robin Williams. Here's a tip – if you are overextending yourself when you enter a 6 cycle, you will be asked to slow down.

Two reasons. 6 symbolizes your personal and physical home – both your body and the place you live. Plus there is a parental symbolism with the 6 indicating you are there for others, but may be neglecting your own needs.

So Williams is being prompted to get some R&R.

What's fascinating to note is that Robin Williams and Michael Jackson, both riveting performers on stage, are taking advantage of their Personal Year 3 cycles in 2009.

Knowing what to expect from your upcoming cycles is a huge advantage. For example, if you know you're in a slower 34/7 Personal Month, my suggestion is to spend that time planning your future and gaining more knowledge.

Once you enter the next month, an 8 cycle, you can more easily launch a new business venture and Act, since results will come much more easily.

Use numerology as your personal forecasting tool. Stay a step ahead of your future.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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